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How To Go Bravely Where You Have Never Gone Before

Dorothy M Neddermeyer

Contrary to popular belief you can greatly improve your life by taking small, simple actions each day? It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to create a change. In fact, you can create transformation minute to minute ! Many people believe that making any changes to live their dreams will take more time and energy than they can afford, or it will require them to completely over haul their lives. But as my clients...


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"The Squid, Smooth and Green, Blues and Light Band" Plays Rock & Roll Tonight!

Jack H. Schick

I heard loud music. I was Downtown where West Broad Street’s one-way going east. The noise was coming from down by the Train Station. There still was regular train service in Quakertown back in the late Sixties. There apparently was some 'event' going on. I trotted down to see what was happening. A four-man rock-group was playing in the station parking lot. Standing in front of them was a six foot tall, silver...




Bing Limousin

The lecture was titled: ‘How I Became a Disney Artist’. I was hooked. When I was a kid-still am some say-I wanted to be Jiminy Cricket. Man, he could do everything: dance, sing, jump; clever, sense of humor and even figured how to breath underwater. As I turned out, I never became Jiminy. But, I did recently meet a Disney artist, Peter Childs, who drew and animated him. Sometimes I like to venture from my...


Remember September

Ella Camp

Give not entree to this darkness, wrought by hatred’s mortal sin- to rob our own September of what she’s always been. Lay no shadow on her sweetness brief- to dim the beauty of scarlet leaf- Liberate her unguent autumnal wine, from sorrow, tears and languished pine. On patient, selfless knees she’s knelt- at summer’s seizing, raging welt- to bestow upon Man’s pleading pain, the balm.


Media Bias Just as Threatening as President Trump

Joel Hirschhorn

Liberals, progressive and Democrats should think critically about the negative impacts of widespread media bias on American democracy. There simply is no doubt that virtually all mainstream media regularly show their strong bias against president Trump and his administration. These media have convinced themselves that they are working to save American democracy from an incompetent, corrupt and dangerous president. And those on the...


AREA 51 -WARNING from the American People

James Taylor

Have you ever watched those Zombie movies where the zombies just keep coming regardless of how many you kill? The folks shooting always have to retreat. Why? They just can't stop them all. Keep this in your mind for a minute while we discuss Area 51. Area 51 is so secret the Commander in Chief isn't allowed to explore the place! Correct me if I am wrong here but I don't think that is the way we set up our governing...


Caraway Seed Cake Surprises, Delights & Treats Us©

Arlene Wright-Correll

Caraway Seed Cake Surprises, Delights & Treats Us© By Arlene Wright-Correll We all know the many uses of Caraway Seeds. Besides putting them in Breads, Caraway seeds can be freshen breath and its essential oil is found in many mouthwashes, toothpastes and chewing gums. It is used in several liquor recipes and to improve the flavor of various complementary herbal combinations. Many of us know about using...


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Finding My Focus In A Mind Filled With Thoughts

Susan Thom

My mind has a thousand thoughts going round and around. One thought crosses out another, and I try to focus on one positive thing. This lasts about a minute! Next thing you know, I’m back on the treadmill again. Those thoughts of what is my daughter and two sons doing? They are all out of the house now, but I still worry. I think about them everyday. When I realize what my mind is doing, I pull myself back. I think about pleasant.

Cruising to the City of the Future in Valencia, Spain

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

A cruise to Spain on Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam showed us there are many contemporary reasons to consider the ancient city of Valencia as a top-notch vacation destination. Since the time of El Cid – over the last thousand years or so – Valencia has seen Christian and Muslim conquerors come and go. Its history also includes being the birthplace of three European kings and two Catholic Popes. However, for...



Children Crying, Wasting Away and Dying—It Can Stop

Steve Kovacs

Your son looks so innocent when he pets your dog and looks into its eyes. The innocence and love you see brings a tear to your eye. And those special times that he comes up to you to share some new excitement in his life and you notice that he’s so full of healthy vigor and hope—makes you beam. He loves watching new movies that come out too. And he loves fishing with his grandfather and just sitting around with his younger.


The Advenchews (ADVENTURES) of Wobin Bwown Pot 4 (Part 4 of 5)

Robin Brown

" WOK 'EM (ROCK 'EM) SOCK 'EM... WOBOTs (ROBOTS) AND ... introducing, Wobin's Perceived Overly-Loving, AUNT PEGGY!" Robin was playing "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" or in Robin's world... "Wock 'Em Sock 'Em Wobots" ... as he would call them because of his speech... "WHATcha call it" Robin could NOT pronounce the...


Can You Go Home Again?

Fran Larson

As my sister Jeanne and I approached the little town that we were born in, Cross City, Fl., my curiosity started to waken. Jeanne, being a few years older than I, excitedly told me she would point out where our house was, the depot where Daddy worked and even where we used to go swimming. My mind wandered to times when Grandma Neff would sit still while I combed her long grayish hair. Then she would sometimes ask me to play on the...


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