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October 18, 2017

   The year...? Back in the late 80's in the epicenter of The "Hard-Rock 'N Roll Capitol of the World" located in Hollywood, California! O.k......................... so, the energy from this particular NIGHT... sub-consciously shifted my own personal perceptions concerning the magic nature of "LIFE" through... a most esoteric(special) friendship! This is MY story about............ "BO, the cat" and his Healing Spiritual Undercover PATH... beneath THIS highly vibrational aristocrat! ***  ("Did-ja get that?") 

                   YO! S'up?! O.K.... so, I'm Robin... "Bo, the CAT's  HUMAN?" 

   Here I am... in a totally dark freakin' alley at 2:45 a.m. on a very early and quiet Wednesday morning and... at one point... where TOTALITY friggin shifted to an ESOTERIC dimension "within the upper echelons of The SELF"... MY-SELF! AND... as fast as... THAT!!! (SNAP!) I am here lifting a fairly-HEAVY tall plastic trashcan up to the lip of one of those large 5 by 5-foot tall metal trash containers that many "bars and restaurants" place out-back and in their alleys to accommodate their trash accumulation by way of their place of business from the night before. I was like... uh... (A) BARTENDER DUDE... at a very well-known and infamous Rock and Roll Nightspot Institution that went by the name... "THE CAT HOUSE"? 


(cut and paste)

*At 16min/14 seconds into THIS video... you will see the lead singer of "The Guns and Roses",         Axl Rose wearing and performing in a "Cat House" T-Shirt onstage on "The Appetite for Destruction Tour. Working at the "Cat House"... I had the pleasure to know BOTH Riki and Axel and I hope it does NOT sound as though I am bragging 'bout it for I was in a totally different space as these Rock and Rollers and I just feel blessed to have had this experience in my life, ya know?

*At 20min/54 seconds into this documentary video is the owner of THE CATHOUSE, "RikiRachtman 



and at 9 min 08 seconds in... you will see the logo of The Cathouse 





   Many fans knew The CATHOUSE... as The HOME of: "The GUNS and ROSES"! This Live ROCK and ROLL venue only opened once a week on TUESDAY NIGHTS but soon became THE... PLACE TO BE in Hollywood... WHEN OR... WHERE... EV-eeeeer! 

   O.K. so, I'm out back in the ALLEY of "THE CAT HOUSE!" I am just about ready to physically dump a tall plastic trash container full of empty liquor bottles and trash accumulated throughout the night when I hear a CRYING SOUND! And I'm like... "WHAT?" My TRASH TOSS FREEZES... in mid-toss and a crying sound is echoing from the bottom of this large metal trash container right here in front of me! I back up slowly and place MY FULL plastic trash container down and step closer to this large metal trash container to peer down into this newly perceived...dark abyss. The light from an alley light pole shown DOWN into a corner of this metal container as I am now glancing over the lip of this container searching for this crying animal sound. There "IT" IS! I mean... THERE "SHE" IS! or maybe... THERE "HE" IS! My thoughts were flying to and fro of the TWILIGHT  ZONE ARENA where... "Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations, which they each try to solve in a remarkable manner!"  YEP! That was ME... and soon I located an incredible longterm spiritual friend! And "WELCOME to the Jungle" of ROBIN's... (THAT's ME!) "TWILIGHT ZONE!!!" OK, so, this large trash container was fairly empty yet I could see... uh... "NUTHIN?" "WAIT! What IS THAT?!" A small... "meowing" animal! It's A BLACK CAT! NO! It's a small BLACK KITTEN... but I'm not totally SURE! IF... I didn't have that favorable LIGHT from an alley light pole... I WOULD NOT... I REPEAT! I would NOT have just hopped into this large metal dumpster that night! PERIOD! And then... that crying, "VERY NEEDY" sound confirmed that I began to sub-consciously transform into a superhero or something so, as I'm now once again in a sub-conscious state of mind as I am consciously clueless to ME... rubbin' my hands together to get ready because I am now slowly talking myself down INTO this UNKNOWN abyss and come on! "It's just a big trash can!"  "I'm...  GOING IN!" I hoisted myself up and oh so slowly downward... into a dark empty metal container in a seedy alley at 3 in the morning... in the now uncleaned "innards" of friggin Hollywood, California! I catch myself in a deep esoteric state of reflection with a verbal transmission cuz I'm out HERE in this ALLEY dumping trash all by myself... well, except for this small mysterious... black cat! "DUDE! Whoa... DUDE! Wassup with all THIS?!" I soon noticed a small dark cat scratching the inside Container Wall attempting to get out! This small cat was mostly black and as far away as you could ever get... from that old bad ass Black Cat/Bad Luck Old Wives' tale mistruth! I slowly placed this small black trash cat under my shirt and next to my stomach and then tucked in my shirt and lifted myself out of this alley dumpster! Still to this day... I'm like... "I jumped into a large metal trash dumpster behind a Heavy Metal Rock and Roll Hollywood nightclub to SAVE a small BLACK CAT? BILL and TED would have been like..."DUDE! That's Totally MENTAL!"

(cut and paste, dude!) 

"69 DUDES!"

   I walked back into the club with my just dumped trash container in one hand and a small BLACK CAT in the other! I figured I could just carry this small black adorable kitten around and find SOMEONE to take this little itty bitty kitty home with 'em!












The "MOST" positive response I received THAT night was... "Dude! Are YOU fer (FOR) Rill (REAL)?                     A Black Cat?"               "Are you HIGH?"                  "OK, DUDE! YOU're HIGH!"

   No one wanted this BLACK and small TRASH CAT! I was like, questioning myself... "Whaaaat? I'm gonna go put this little bitty kitty BACK in that big dark trash can?!" I couldn't just leave this little "gal-pal" or dude out back! I quickly made up my mind... this HERE black cat was going home with ME! DONE! It was THAT quick and BAM! The Adventures began to unfold! Just a few months later... we were off to FRANCE (I KNOW, FRANCE?) to LIVE for twelve years(12 YEARS!) and then back to Kali (CALIFORNIA) with "BO" and his FRENCH lady friend, MO in TOW! "This black cat changed my LIFE, dude and all of my human and animal relationships... 4-friggin-EV-ER! All from a SPIRITUAL BLACK CAT named BO!! On top of all this... I was, at that point, actually a friggin "DOBERMAN DUDE but BO "flipped me" and I ended up loving and adoring THIS actual Spiritual TRASH CAT who allowed ME to STAY with HIM for over 22 YEARS as my closest Spiritual Psychic TEACHER and ADVISOR FOR... FOR FREE! "FOR FREE?" FOR friggin' FREE!!! And I actually still to this day... feel like... BO spiritually KNEW, all THIS, TOO... and in some dimension closer than we think... still does... as far as I can sense... then again... maybe NOT! Bo's like THAT........................................................ still.............. AND BEYOND! (Sorry about the "and BEYOND" Spiritual Communication stuff! I feel like... some of these thoughts and words are MINE and then outta nowhere... STUPID (strange) SHIT (stuff) just FLIES (exits) OUTTA (OUT of)... (my MOUTH!) "Ya know?" I...... might NOT HAVE KNOWN... BUT... BO KNEW... THEN... as he knows NOW... cuz BO... just KNOWS... STUFF!

Bo's namesake...

(cut and paste, dude!)

TO ME, DUDE?! Bo, this spiritually healing CAT... was metaphorically birthed at "The Cat House" HA! And comin' soon...



"BO, a Black Trash Cat rubbin' shoulders with a bit of  FRIGGIN' STRAIGHT-UP Spiritual IRONY, DUDE!!!"



Wait 'til I tell ya about WHAT THIS Aristrocat Trash CAT  could DO... or should I say... still does... or should I say... it all depends on your... "non-frontin' (no BS) pattern of BELIEF!"


521 - 119 - 0 - US

   Here are a few of my esoteric rhymes which I composed and recorded to music supplied to me... by FRIENDS outside America. THESE RECORDINGS ARE FREE... FREE... free... to REFLECT upon... IF so inclined to do so...




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Robin Brown

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