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October 8, 2017

IT'S always great to be back to somewhere you once belonged to, like Searchwarp although time and time again the old me keeps struggling against reality which is more powerful than anyhting like emotion. Who says emotion is far powerful when fate is creeping up with its little tricks without a trace or at least, some warning for you to counter attack in time of crisis.

Someone sent me a text with the caption that reads : Do You Love Yourself ?

Only discovered there are people who have not loved themselves in a long time or at least, they have not loved themselves enough or they have not loved themselves rationally over the years. 

Apart from babyhood to childhood, the toughest of all should be the rebellious adolescence period. After that, the remaining years are definitely reserved for parents to do what they like to do. 

When was the last time you went on a holiday? If that is not the case then have you thought of going to the salon for a nice hairdo including manicure and pedicure treatments once a while ? Buy yourself some new and trendy clothes. Change your worn out underwears and loose lingerie to some new and comfy patterns which are available in most modern shops in town. Buy yourself two pairs of shoes if possible, one pair casual one pair for function purpose I would suggest. A new lipstick is a must. Cleansing cream and body lotion and makeup remover are inseparable once you are in the healthcare shop. Shop generously as that will soothe your mood down to a sense of satisfaction. 

After the spree, treat yourself to a good lunch. Do not attempt going home yet. Make your next step to the bookstore before going to the Starbucks.

What an escapade!




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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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