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September 25, 2017
Ivan Petryshyn

The chemical-and-physical reactions in the sky, atmosphere and the air: specific gasses, metal particles and salts are reacting with each other provoking atmospheric anomalies, lightnings, light effects: there are constant reactions- the air might change its properties, the atmosphere may become shallower and polluting poisonous.

 The storming of the air fronts, hot, warm and cold evoke the typhoons, storms, monsoons, hurricanes and tornadoes. They are being activated vertically and horizontally, or trying to re-establish the original atmosphere or - to create a newly-balanced one that will be different from the present one.   

   The solar radiation, its magnetism and its parabolic winds, as well as certain Galaxy's forces, start being cathalizators of the chemical-and-physical reactions in the Earth's sky and atmosphere.

  The technological waste particles become dust-fillers of the air provoking the warming, which is hazardeous to animals, people and vegetation. But.. the change in temperatures also provokes the inner-planet processes, like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, etc. 

   The climate change may provoke, if is not already provoking, mass brain suppression that may lead to mass megalomaniac and socio-exterminatory theories, ideologies and events.

There can appear mass-destructing leaders that could be suffering from napoleonic-alexandrianate-chinghuizknan-nationalistic-fascist syndromes. 

That all can distruct both the Planet and the Civilizations. 

  Scientists, scholars and medical workers will more often see the results of the above-mentioned negative processes, not being able to oust the negative particles from the bodies or brains of the potentially dangerous individuals...

   We should stop the neuclear races, the wars and the conflicts, hatred and exterminations of nations, if we want to keep on.

    Ivan Petryshyn



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Ivan Petryshyn - Phonological and Linguistic Research, teaching, methodology of foreign languages, the experience and excellent response in translating and interpreting, native or near-native communication skills in the languages known (Italian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian), good conversational knowledge of German, French and some Spanish, author, poet (, /ivano/, also-Facebook.