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How To Go Bravely Where You Have Never Gone Before

September 22, 2017
Genesis Consultants, Inc.

Contrary to popular belief you can greatly improve your life by taking small, simple actions each day?

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to create a change. In fact, you can create transformation minute to minute!

Many people believe that making any changes to live their dreams will take more time and energy than they can afford, or it will require them to completely over haul their lives.

But as my clients have discovered, moving toward your dreams does not mean exhausting yourself or turning your life upside-down.

It means taking small, specific, highly targeted action that moves you one step closer to your dreams every day. Thus, you will create a life you truly love with more freedom, more fun and more flow in every area.

Three strategies to transform limiting beliefs to positive beliefs:

·         Identify your most frequent limiting beliefs.

·         Use Interrogative Self-Talk instead of limiting beliefs.

·         Focus on Incremental Progress, Not Perfection.

The majority of people have difficulty identifying limiting beliefs or noticing when it is operational.

Contact me and let's turn your "Limiting beliefs” to "I am___! I DID!" Together we will create your map to create your desires. 

About Dr. Dorothy:

As a leading edge Executive and Business Health Consultant and keynote speaker with international experience, CEO/Founder, Genesis Consultants, Inc., Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. has.provided company-wide business improvement initiatives to optimize all resources to improve a strategic advantage with measurable outcomes.

Dr. Dorothy has mentored and coached executives and entrepreneurs worldwide to experience their highest potential through powerful Eastern/Western strategic tools and leading-edge focus on Cultural factors, discovering and resolving indecision, mental blocks, and self-hindering beliefs.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, has 33 years experience with healing, personal development and peak performance. She developed a unique process to Transform Your LIfe. This process teaches people how to consciously access their innate power to both heal illnesses and blockages and to create unlimited success.