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Telepathic Communication WITH a Red Fox up in The Rocky Mountains

September 15, 2017

   So, this is how MY OWN "T.C." was "BIRTHED"!  "T.C." or Telepathic Communication which I've learned, we EACH... hold WITHIN... locked away until... one's journey... into the existence OF BEING in the PRESENT MOMENT begins to magically blossom. Welcome to another one of my esoteric, "WUT?" moments...)

---The wife and I were invited to visit Snowmass, Colorado at a friend's mountain condo for a few days... wait a minute! SNOW... WHERE?  "I KNOOOW!" Ok,  back to THIS story...

    On a bright cool and sunny early autumn morning, I was just unconsciously feeling so blessed by this awakening experience and accepted it gracefully... but little did I know..."DUUUH!" It was early autumn so, the seasonal snow had not yet begun to fall which was great for the wife and me... because WE chose NOT to partake in any SKiing "bru-ha-ha"!  Our purpose for flying to Colorado? "TAH-DAHHH!" We were as though... we spiritually needed to ride HORSES that lived HERE in THESE HERE enchanted surroundings... BEFORE any heavy snow began to fall that year! Rainfall had been plentiful THAT year so, "GREEN" was the predominant color that AUTUMN AND FOR... A.F.A.T.E.C.S. or...

                    AS-FAR-AS-The-Eye-COULD-SEE or...

                        "n'  evER-which WAY-ya-gander-at-IT  OR... 

                                  in EVERY single WAY, 

                                        you may be inclined to envision it... OR... 


   We both felt spiritually honored and spiritually gifted on this five-day mini-vacation experience of riding horses in the Colorado Mountains! For an old "KID from TEXAS", married to a spiritually Strong AND totally Gracious Lady... and livin' in CALI (California)... it seemed as though RIGHT THERE and RIGHT THEN... "We were existing in a "Seventh-HEAVEN" as the wife and I were hangin' out gettin' SPIRITUALLY HIGH... in these here Rocky Mountains!"

LIKE "J.D." knows...!    

(cut and paste)  This song/video with almost... to the letter, lyrics of a journey I am still upon... except I'm actually gettin' ready to turn '62" instead of "27" but HEY! It always took me a bit longer than most to... metaphorically stroll 'round a NEW 'HOOD!

   This transcendental horse-riding event was surprisingly preceded by the meeting of a VERY SPECIAL...Scary-turned-Compassionate... NEW spiritual FRIEND! 

"STOP frettin'! I'm GETTIN' THERE! I just need to set THIS story up, properly!"  OK... so...

   That first morning, the wife and I awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from our restful sleep, had breakfast and headed out the front door of this second-floor condo. "We were off FER uh walk!" and then I'm like..."OK... hold up THEM horses, Kimosabe!" I'm like... WHAT in "blue blazes" DOES..."Off FER uh walk" friggin' MEAN?! And then I'm like... Naw... I gotta let this one HERE... play itself OUT! Go ahead and read on! SO... we were off "FOR-uh(a)-WALK" around this magical complex that actually looked as though it was secretly constructed by those DISNEYLAND, dudes over there in Florida! The lands around THIS Snow-mass Dream-land FELT... "Paranormal-like!" At the lip or outskirts of this complex were two, count 'em... 2!! LARGE side by side 2-foot tall boulders positioned in the soil. I took a rest break and sat down on one of these two rocks and the wife jumped up and sat on the other. We quickly became silently mesmerized by the tremendous awe-inspiring scenery AND overwhelming SILENCE! Did I already mention, "This Gregarious Phantom of SILENCE" oozing from this bright sunny early morning?! We are both gazing out with some more of that... THERE...      SY-LANTZ (silence) as we're intuitively viewin' the tops of this here three-foot tall brush-line right across the dirt road and right in front of us when I hear... a small feeble sound or SNORT or... SOMETHING of the SORT! And it is making its way through this prior GOLDEN COURT... of SILENCE! The soft wind is slowly blowing with this same SILENCE as the flowing brush before us, silently sways to and fro, ya know?! "And I'm NOW like... WOAAAH!" The Wife and I are both mesmerized as "ONE" while following these slowly moving brush tops right before our eyes! Without taking MY EYES off this brush movement which is about 10 yards away, I question the wife,"Are YOU following ALL THIS from our perspective and if so... YOU OK with it?!" And the wife's like... "YEP!" 

   We both went quiet TOGETHER watching these slow-moving grass-tops when we both lock onto a provocative "light guttural, 3-Foot Tall Grass-Top SOUND!It now seems as though SOMETHING is going to "JUMP OUT" of this moving and swaying tall BRUSH! At this point, the wife and I were enchantingly enraptured and couldn't seem to move! We could have distinctly heard a pair of duck-feathers drop softly on cotton! I am already sub-consciously figuring out our escape plan if need be... cuz I, at that point... was totally unconscious of what I was doing as "This NEW consciousness of a fear-based Alpha Male, DUDE?" IF... this Scary Movie-like Monster... flys outta this tall grass... to attack US... while I'm reflecting inwardly while curiously pondering... "What are we friggin' doing HERE?"!!! At THIS point... I remember reflecting on how relieved I was for at least urinating before leaving the condo! AND THEN... IT HAPPENED! I KNOW!!!!!!     We're following the moving grass tops and then... (ARE YOU READY?) GET THIS... "a TUH-DAH moment.."  as a... fairly small RED fox exits this tall WALL of GRASS like she was a successful Academy Award-winning Actress IN HER NEW HIGHLY ACCLAIMED Hollywood MOVIE! The wife and I are, to say the least... stunned and behaviorally frozen STIFF as we couldn't even look straight into each other's eyes to quip an unbelievable... "WHAT???!" Ha! This recollection still brings a behavioral grin to my FACE recollecting upon this small red Fox starting her gracious walk across this dirt road RIGHT towards the wife... and ME!  My eyes are locked on every little-FOX-swaying movement which this beautiful animal is performing! To myself... I'm like, "What's going on here?" My eyes are now fixed on every little FOX tilt and twitch! I'm now relieved that we are at least SAFE from this once imaginary..HUGE SCARY MONSTER! After I had calmed myself with THAT thought... I pinpointed something hanging from this small fox's MOUTH! Ok, here's another FIRST for ME! This thick string-like object was a friggin' TAIL! A TAIL of... WHAT?! Ok, after scanning this small beautiful RED FOX... I went to her eyes and began speaking with her telepathically! Ha! Like I actually practiced this telepathic communication kind of stuff BEFORE??? (IRONY, there!) NO!... NEVER EVER BEFORE or... not until THIS particular run-in with this particular...TIME and SPACE!" And out of the BLUE... I subconsciously began speaking... "WHAT?!"... and this is what I remember from telepathically sharing... "Hello there, FOX... and then out of nowhere... this little fox begins speaking to ME telepathically saying, "Hello, I am on my way home with THIS food for the kids." She stares at me and then stops right before me and drops a small dead mouse (PLOP...) between my feet and then looks up into my eyes and telepathically begins her communication...  (hold on to your HAT HERE, COWBOYS and COWGIRLS!) This beautifully designed FOX is now speaking to ME, telepathically in this esoteric conversation as she slightly shifts her head with eyes deeply planted into mine and politely asks ME...          

                                           "Would you like some really FRESH MOUSE?!!!"

   The Red FOX and I are now looking straight into each other's friggin' EYES as I telepathically answer... "No thank-you, Ma'am... I'm good... I just ate but... THANK-YOU for the offer and PLEASE take THIS food to your little ones and right on cue, this gorgeous high fashion-like REAL FOX leans over to grab this "fresh mouse" in her mouth and then lifts her head upward to look into my eyes and telepathically responds... "Ya SURE?!" The wife and I are both stunned as this small red fox then slowly pirouettes... and then shimmies away down the winding concrete walkway very similar to a High-Fashion-Super Model-SWAG... on a Vivienne Westwood runway while displaying... a flapping yet fashionable Mouse TAIL" freely dangling from her mouth as though she were displaying her "YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS, SWAG! All the while... she securely walks away down an imaginary Parisian Catwalk in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! 

Ya can't "Make-UP" stuff... LIKE THAT!

...or CAN ya???

"FEEDING WILDLIFE puts everyone in the vicinity at risk

BUT... what if a RED FOX attempts to feed a human... like ME?!"

"Red fox can be found in most habitats in Colorado. They are common in open woodlands, pasturelands, riparian areas, and agricultural lands. Red fox can also be successful urban dwellers and often do well on the margins of urbanized areas.


A typical home range for a red fox is five to ten square miles depending on food availability. Males tend to travel farther than females, but juveniles dispersing from their parents will often travel the farthest. Adult red fox will typically stay within a mile of their den while they are raising pups.

Red fox may be active anytime, day, or night, but are most active at dawn and dusk."





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   Here are a few of my esoteric rhymes which I composed and recorded to music supplied to me... by FRIENDS outside America. THESE RECORDINGS ARE FREE... FREE... free... to REFLECT upon... IF so inclined to do so...




(CUT and PASTE and patience...)

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