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Remember September

September 8, 2017

Remember September

Give not entree to this darkness, wrought by hatred’s mortal sin- to rob our own September of what she’s always been.


Lay no shadow on her sweetness brief- to dim the beauty of scarlet leaf-


Liberate her unguent autumnal wine, from sorrow, tears and languished pine.


On patient, selfless knees she’s knelt- at summer’s seizing, raging welt- to bestow upon Man’s pleading pain, the balm of September’s gentle rain.




A smile between the seasons hard; she deals a mother’s benevolent card. We will not forfeit her days of lore, but remember her as she was before. Her flag we’ll never let touch the ground; but plant it firmly on winter’s mound.


They’ll never destroy our September, as long as we always remember. We’ll hoist it from the ashy pit; the chalk dust, the pencils, the bonfires lit; the children laughing and running in tag- bobbing for apples and Halloween swag. The golden leaves falling- the crunching they make, as we gather them up at the end of our rake. These, and more, are our memories; we won’t let them die for evil to please.


Shrink not from the glory of harvested grace; from stains of blood flung on her face; she asks for justice, and pleads- “Twas not from me or mine, but from hands diseased and far less divine.”


Remember September before the day they sought to destroy our righteous way. 




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