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FEELING A Spiritual Sensation of ONENESS...

August 31, 2017

   I would like to take you back to 1996 in the 4th arrondissement at the plaza of The Georges Pompidou Museum complex in the center of Paris, France. This is just a short reflective journey, back into my "old school neighborhood" to ponder a moment that spiritually "touched me" on A seemingly regular DAY living in Paris, France! On this particular day... I was like... "in the moment" of sharing an esoteric and reflective experience of self-enlightenment as it was being played out upon a movie screen of life and RIGHT BEFORE my eyes! 

   It was a late morning as I was just served my daily "Cafe Creme"(coffee) at CAFE BEAUBOURG, my HOME away from HOME!

(Paris was my "SPIRITUAL LEARNING" playground CENTER and home base for twelve years and in my heart for I will always feel blessed... for THAT STANDOUT experience!)                               

I am sometimes... to this day, STILL like... "WHAT? I lived a couple blocks from The Louvre Museum in Paris, France... for twelve years?! "SHUT-UP!"                                  


                           An  IMPRESSIVE VISUAL JOURNEY

                      into my Old Stompin' Playground... of LIFE

                                (Copy and Paste and ENJOY...)



   Cafe Beaubourg is a highly respected, "Open EARLY / Close LATE restaurant" on the plaza of The Georges Pompidou Museum in Paris, France. On this particular morning, I was sitting upstairs looking over the lower level of this nice restaurant as a small behaviorally "pissed-off" small sparrow-sized bird was quickly flying around INSIDE this restaurant and easily caught my eye as I was settling into "my daily writing and illustration station" or in other words... "ANY AVAILABLE" table! I was... at this point, questioning my slightly encapturing mesmerized state of visually following this small bird with its slight but continuous "squawk of desperation"! This small bird flapped around this open upper level of this nice restaurant establishment attempting to figure out how to regain its once held freedom of an open sky! Mind you, THIS was all just MY perception as I was sipping my Cafe Creme observing this small bird attempting to theorize the invisible yet insidious nature of THAT WINDOW GLASS! This bird must have felt like a prisoner with "glass walls of a behavioral explosive surprise attached OR... THE BAM part of flying into this perceived invisible conundrum!" THIS bird could not consciously understand the "HOW and WHY of one-second ago... TOTAL FREEDOM and OPEN sky... and THEN... a second later... flying around in a large box-like structure with friggin' invisible WALLS!  Each time this small bird worked up enough energy to attempt a break-out, he would carefully prepare by flying around the upper open portion of the restaurant to gather speed while slightly turning to head straight for the EXACT SAME window he or she... just ran into... minutes before! BAM!!! Same friggin' window! After the second, "BAM SLAM"... this little bird just collapsed and fell down upon a lower shelf... dazed and confused and subsequently... NOT MOVING! I observed this scenario from across this fairly large restaurant as if I had on "behavioral" headphones giving me a "What's Happening Game Plan with THIS little friggin' BIRD!!! I was now receiving a behavioral play by play inner explanation by none other than... the late, Howard Cosell! Without thinking... I got up from my upstairs table with my eyes locked on this small bird... laying on a shelf and passed-out downstairs on the other side of this fairly large restaurant. Are you following me, here? Ok..., I walk down the open stairwell and then over through this full-section of lunch customers and down to this stunned and "knocked-out COLD" bird who is now laying flat-out on this out of the way, banquet shelf! WOW! Was he dead or... Playin' Possum or... what? I carefully cupped this unresponsive small bird in my two hands, directly turned and walked out the front door of this restaurant and onto the Sunny Museum Plaza! I stopped and raised my two hands above my head unconsciously and opened my palms naturally ( I did this all the time?! HA! Hmmm...) Inline image This "now" PERKY little bird quickly flew up and away when I opened my hands... up to the sky! Inline image What a spiritual sensation of "TOTAL ONENESS" THAT was!!! The way I see it now? This small bird did this EPIC magic trick for all his bird friends to watch in the trees on this patio! Was he "The DAVID BLAINE" of BIRDS just trying to pick up... chicks? "Hmmm... Ok, I got it, now!"


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   Here are a few of my esoteric rhymes which I composed and recorded to music supplied to me... by FRIENDS outside America. THESE RECORDINGS ARE FREE... FREE... free... to REFLECT upon... IF so inclined to do so...




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Robin Brown

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