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Crusing and Traveling Alone....How to.....

Grab the Brass Ring like Auntie Mame and go see the World !

by Joan Dann 

Cruising is the perfect venue for traveling solos, in my opinion. I personally have travelled alone to host groups many times and have worked for years with singles. There are many reasons why people travel alone. Sometimes is it because of a lack of a traveling companion.......or a traveling companion who is interested in seeing the places you would like to! Not everyone travels or cruises the same. Sometimes it is just easier to do your own thing and on your own timetable. I urge you to press forward to plan that trip for yourself.

I lean to cruise ships as a traveling single and here is why....

1. I feel safe on ships. Things can happen anywhere but overall----I find ships loaded with security. I also feel that going ashore is the most dangerous part of the trip. The ship knows where you are at all times onboard.....and if you then book their shore excursions ashore, which I recommend, they will then too as well. I would only carefully wander around on my own in port. Some are safer than others.

2. Cruise ships have so many activities----day and night---to keep you busy. And it is at those activities when you will usually meet other people. SO....go to the Art Classes....all of them ! Sit with the same people if you can. Is Trivia offered ? On long voyages this is a BIG activity. Go the very first day and join a team. I immediately had nine new friends for the duration of the cruise.

3. Long voyages on small ships are PERFECT for singles. The smallness of the ship.....the length of time at great for building friendships. River Cruises also are great for this reason as the ships are just naturally small. River Cruises also have wonderful Land and Cruise combos in some locations......India, Vietnam, China. There can be immediate bonds as you travel all together for 15 days.

4. Choose your ship VERY carefully! "Open Dining"....dine whenever you wish........all sound great for most but really not for singles. You really need a set dining time and a set table. You will not be at loose ends with this plan of established traditional dining. OR on some of the very high end lines like Seabourn....they put tables together all the time for just one dinner! BE sure to reach out immediately to the Maitre D at the very beginning of the cruise to let him know that you would really enjoy these special invitations. Dinners with Guest Speakers, Officers or Entertainers are really fun and a great way to meet others. I sailed Seabourn for 69 days and had a printed invitation in my stateroom almost every night for a different table. (They took SUCH great care of me!) It is all in the choosing when you are planning a vacation. Work with a travel professional with good connections.....and one who has their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world.

And finally......GO and have FUN! Go with confidence! Put yourself into the hands of a great cruise or tour company.....with a travel agent who "has your back" at home. And go for the most luxurious you can afford. Airline Lounge Passes.....Economy Comfort seating on Airplane (or better)....GOOD hotel for the night before you board the ship (don't go cheap here!).......and a really lovely cruise line. Bring your nicest clothes and go and really make some memories. 

Bon Voyage!

I would love to hear from you about your travels.

Joan Dann can be reached via her website and email her at . 

She is owner of and a Cruise Expert....and a World Cruise Specialist and a member of Ensemble Travel Group. She is a frequent Host of Ensemble Hosted Cruises. She is also Co-Owner of Dann Men's Clothing & Dann Formal Wear as well as other upscale shops. For almost 40 years she has worked with the luxury customer ...their travels....their clothing...etc. 

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