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The Media Is Propagating The Racism And Violence For Ratings

August 16, 2017

The media tells us how bad racism and violence are, but they choose to propagate it to make ratings. They tell us how we should shun it and push it away, but they are the one keeping it alive. Think about Chancellorsville over the weekend, the media played the same scenes over and over.

This is because they want you to see a certain event exactly how they want it to play out. They are picking little scrimmages in the bigger event and showing you those particular ones. The ones that play a narrative the way that they think is going to outrage you than most.

The media will show you the events that come closest to matching a scenario that they have in their mind. One that shows a certain event that pits one group against another. In the case of Chancellorsville, they were showing you're the conflicts that made the black people look as though they were on the side of right.

This, of course, is not correct, neither side was right in the events of the weekend. The idea of squelching the history of our country is not correct either. If we randomly start removing certain people from our history, where does it end?

Every time something offends a person do they start a riot and get that historical person removed from the sight of all people. Because a certain sector of our country would like to see these things gone does that mean that they should be?

I agree that our country needs to heal, but tearing parts of it down will never create a healing event. These ideas create fear and fear creates panic, and panic creates riots and people looking to do violence and damage to another person or their property.

I completely agree that racism and bigotry have no place in this country. But for that idea to propagate all sides need to have a stake in the outcome. We can't affect change without Americans, in general, seeing that change needs to come.

The media propagating the violence and bigotry doesn't help. It only makes things worse when you play a certain scene day after day and get the images stuck in the heads of all Americans that watch the news. This does nothing good or right.

Sure it should be seen on the news, but play it once so the people know what is happening in their country. It does not need to be played over and over to spike the anger in the certain sector of the country. It is not the job of the media to change the minds of the people.

It is the job of the media to be fair and balanced and keep the people informed. The riot in Chancellorsville was caused by two fringe groups in our country. These groups did not in any way represent most of the American people or our values.

They represent a radical idealism that seeks to destroy everything that this country was built on and stands for. They mean nothing to the average American citizen, they make points with a very small minority of the country when they perpetrate these acts of hate. 

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I have been working in the classic car industry for over 30 years now and I love to help people get their classic cars built and on the road.

Also in the past a few years I have realized that I need to help my local area and the country in the political arena, it is time for a change.