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A Donald Trump Supporter Why We Support Him Now And In The Future

August 12, 2017

 President Donald Trump is doing things that no other politician has ever done as far as his supporters are concerned. From the minute he took office he has been trying to keep his campaign promises, and this is unheard of in the world of politics.

Donald J. Trump is a genuine president who truly cares what the people that elected him to want and think. It doesn't matter what spin the left-hand media puts on the issues, the more they cherry pick and alter the facts, the more we listen to President Trump.

It is my opinion that for everything the left MSM spins and cherry pick the more supporters Donald J. Trump builds. But I don't see any poll on this, and if there were polls on this subject I am sure that they would be slanted to the left.

There is no question that the United States is divided right now. I am no reporter for the right or the left. I am just an American citizen who truly believes that we need to support our president and give him a chance to help make our country safe and prosperous again.

There is no doubt that President Trump could do things a bit better in some cases. But the constant badgering and personal insults about him and his family and wife need to cease now. The MSM made it a point to pitch Obama softballs in most of the interviews with him.

President Trump, in my opinion, is the base president in the past thirty years, but nobody seems to realize that he has more of a learning curve than an insider politician. Donald Trump won because the people are sick and tired of the status-quo.

We are sick of insiders who build a campaign based on lies and never plan to keep them. As a Republican, we were sick of our presidents and congress always bending and breaking their backs to please the Democrats and make them happy. We would prefer them to do their jobs.

The left MSM always cherry picks the stories that make our president look bad. He will build more support the more this happens. The man is doing a great job, and not one single person in the MSM ever reports on the good things that he does.

It's good to have fair and balanced reporting among the media outlets, but this doesn't happen most of the time. About 80% of the time the MSM picks out anything that they can to make President Trump look bad, and I am here to tell you, he will win again if you keep it up.

I suspect he will anyway because he will do a great job as president. The man is already doing a great job as far as his voters are concerned. The more this is minimized by the MSM the less that we will believe what they say.

David C. Atkin

Salt Lake City, Utah

93 - 3 - 0 - US

I have been working in the classic car industry for over 30 years now and I love to help people get their classic cars built and on the road.

Also in the past a few years I have realized that I need to help my local area and the country in the political arena, it is time for a change.