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Humans being American. Our Resume.

August 7, 2017

Humans being American. Our Resume.

Who are we? What does America broadcast to the world?  It's time we looked at our resume.  As it turns out...  the resume we are broadcasting isn't right.  I am American and I don't have nor even want the skills and achievements attributed to me.  It isn't me.  I bet it isn't you either.  So here is our American Resume... which is a lie, we are none of these things.  Or are we?

Career highlights

We export the most advanced weaponry on the planet.  As an American, this is my greatest contribution to the world.  Our greatest achievements are designed to kill and spy.  Does this make you proud?

I know America was built on the foundation of immigrants wanting to be free and prosper here.  But that isn't us now.  We want to keep them all out.   I was told they were all bad humans being Mexican, bad humans being Muslims.  They have nothing to contribute here.  Stealing our resources. Scumbags.   America is all that is good... you guys are not.  Get out!  America's founding voice has changed. Is this you?

The American Empire is aggressive, invasive, controlling and dominating.  All empires leave a footprint by their money trails.  Where was their wealth invested?  It is easy to research.   Our tentacles run deep and wide.  If you examine it closely you will find all the basic human needs  are all highly controlled, completely exploited, completely dominated... industries. Industries we created.   On our watch, our resume... we architected systems that require us to purchase the solution to all basic human needs.  It doesn't matter which country you are from, what language you speak, what cultural alterations you have... we all have the same basic human needs and the products to meet these needs are being sold to us.  Follow the money.  That is where the American wealth is going.  A system built to exploit ourselves instead of take care of us.  As a human being American... is this what you intended to build?  Isn't this absolutely backwards?  Shouldn't our wealth be spent to provide us all the basics first?

Energy is for profit. So is water. So is food.  So is shelter.  Want to have a phone? Been to a hospital? It is insane!  Go build yourself a barn in your back yard and then pay rent to keep it... through property taxes. Really?  Is this what you wanted to build?  If we took the profit-directive out of these basics-providing industries we would have trillions of our annual dollars idled and available to reallocate towards some updated resume skills... like peace.  But if we did that, our number one industry would die.  You can't be number one at providing weapons and be number one in exporting peace.  So who are we America?

If you are hungry, thirsty, sick, cold and wet... well, you gotta pay for the resolve.  You could be rich... but you still have to pay.  Don't human beings first take care of humans being... anything? Cover our basics and watch what happens! Free us up to contribute. We don't have the time or energy right now. Why?  Because we spend it all trying to make money to give you... all the industries exploiting basic human needs.  We humans being American architected this system.  Is this really what you wanted?  It is undeniable work history on our resume! This is who we are.

Money and Debt is one of  our standout resume skills.  We are the best at it.  If you want to be American then you better have some debt.  We are the debt masters.  Funny thing though.  Funding us humans, that is, money to allow us to be us to exist here... we put this in the hands of a few people.  Banks run it all.  Our largest private bank is the Federal Reserve Bank.   Americans gave the right to our government to print money... but we don't.  We borrow it from the privately-held Federal Reserve Bank.  Debt.   Is this the system you as an American wanted to be built?  Somebody did. Follow the money.

...I could go on but I won't.  Instead, here is the resume I want.  I'm making a career change.  I am developing skills to take me into America's future.

New Resume Competencies and Achievements

  • The planet's greatest developer of technologies to enable peace. 
  • The leader in building debt-free societies where all people enjoy the freedoms this brings.
  • The lowest use-rate and need for healthcare facilities on the planet by being the least diseased nation on the planet
  • Provide the cleanest water, the healthiest food and most breathable air on Earth.
  • The world's source for competencies in system designs to support human life.
  • One of the world's greatest contributors of human solutions
  • The planet's smallest number of veterans of war.
  • The planet's largest number of veterans of peace.

Build your own resume and decide how you want to be viewed.  Be human before being American and your career path will change. What you build will be different.  How the world views you will be the footprint of a great American... being human!


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James Taylor was an international business executive for fifteen years. He lived in China and Malaysia with much time invested in Turkey, India and Sri Lanka.  He now resides near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina. James grew up on a farm and cattle plantation in South Carolina. Mr. Taylor has earned a reputation as a highly strategic, analytical thinker. Published Author of "The Assumptions" and new 2017 release of "The Human Primer."