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August 7, 2017

Humans have a long history  of leaving all the answering to this question up to the leader-ship.  And there are plenty of different ships to ride in.  Here are couple of questions to ask yourself.  Your answers will help navigate through mistakes the ship's Captains might have made.  You might provide yourself some acute and sobering clarifications because your answers must co-exists with your beliefs. If they don't...well,  something isn't true.   


1.   When you die do you quit being you?

Big question!   If humans transform into something other than what they are when they died... well, the whole experience here would be wasted.  That reduces this life to an artificial bubble... it isn't real because you are not you after it is over with.    Consider that the answer is a definite No.  You are still you after you die.   This is a very big deal!    This means the ole "you'  motor is still running.  It doesn't stop just because you no longer have a physical body.  So whomever and whatever you were when you were alive... you are still that you after you die. 

So if you live life in fear here... you will still be that same fearful soul when you die.  If you are joyful here then joyful there.  When you first arrive on the other side you are the self-chosen you regardless of what basic demeanors you free-willed yourself into while you were alive.  This leads us to question number two.


2.  Do you still have free will when you die?

Who is free will given to?  Hint:  it isn't your body.  Free will was given to that eternal self-defined you. That same you...who is you, after you die.  Free will isn't a temporary gift. It is permanent.  This means you use it there (without a body) just like you do now.  If you didn't learn how to master and use your free will here then you arrive not knowing how-to there either.  Not knowing how to control and master the use of your free will here can be a nightmare on the other side.  This leads us to some science you might want to be aware of before you die.



Current physics has a convincing case for how TIME works linearly in our three dimensions but is quite different in higher dimensions.   This is also very big!   Literally,  time has little meaning at all. Creation is happening without the element of time after you die.  Shocked?    Let's put this in play by example.

Humans don't realize there is a "lag time" in our 3-D landscape between when you create and when it manifests.  What you are thinking and feeling right now is paving the road ahead of you only it is too far out in front of your headlights  so you can't actually see the pavement you are creating.  You can't see it yet.  We can't connect the dots where we were thinking and feeling this quite a long time ago and the present moment where it is finally manifesting.  Ever had that happen?  Yes we all have.  Masters can cut the timeline down to minutes and hours.  For most folks this take about 6 months to a year.  But they never connect the dots regarding how it came about. 

Now... getting back to dying.

Here is the problem , you see.  Because most of us do not connect these two dots then most of us  don't realize we are actually creating our own future.  And after you die, with TIME no longer in play (no delay)... you start creating instantly and you have no clue that it is you creating it!

In higher dimensions you don't experience this "lag time"   and you create immediately... that is the experience of you being you and creating your experience without delay.  Cool huh?  So back to the question:  "What happens when you die?"

Whatever you expect and anticipate is the answer.   That is you with your own unique world-view of things, beliefs, expectations, demeanor, disposition and biases... all free-willed into by you along the way.  That is how you will arrive.  You still being you.  If you expect Jesus then Jesus will show up.  If you expect your mom...she shows up. Without the delay of "lag time"  whatever we are thinking and feeling is happening right then.   Imagine that!   This is the same actual power we have now... only the "lag time" is in play.  But when you die you leave the 3-D restrictions behind.  Whatever you are thinking and feeling starts happening immediately.  NOT KNOWING this can create havoc for some after death... think of all the folks you know and imagine them being them after they die!  This is a very big deal too! 

But no worries mate because there is one more important point to know.   Most will learn very quickly that kicking themselves in the butt is not such a good idea to be thinking and feeling.  Most (not all) will learn this very quickly. But knowing  how creating works before arrival makes your death experience much easier.

So what happens when you die?  Consider your answers to our two questions and measure them against what you believe.  If your answers don't fit... well, something isn't right.  Consider that you are still you but with the ability to correct every missed navigation error you ever made.  Free will focused and creating immediately.   You can then become the best of who you are.. if you choose.   

The profound irony:  We have that same option here, now.  So logically thinking... why wait until we die?  We can shrink our on lag times while we are here... by being the best of ourselves now.  The impact will be collectively measurable. 

...tell me again, what government organization is chartered with creating PEACE?   As it turns out, creating peace is done by you. Connect the dots.

Think clearly about this because you too will die.  Consider how you want to arrive.  What you choose to be here will be the you that arrives there.  Create intentionally here... and there.   You are doing it anyway so why not start now and create the best you possible.  The entire world will thank you.

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James Taylor was an international business executive for fifteen years. He lived in China and Malaysia with much time invested in Turkey, India and Sri Lanka.  He now resides near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina. James grew up on a farm and cattle plantation in South Carolina. Mr. Taylor has earned a reputation as a highly strategic, analytical thinker. Published Author of "The Assumptions" and new 2017 release of "The Human Primer."