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The Advenchews (ADVENTURES) of Wobin Bwown and Aunt Peggy... pawt foe (part four)

June 14, 2017

   Robin was playing "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" or in Robin's world... "Wock 'Em Sock 'Em Wobots"... as he would call them because of his speech "impedi-whatever"... which everyone probably knows about... by now! On these special times, Robin would fully participate in this competitive game against the Only Person in his room at the time..."Ladies and Gentlemen! Over in THIS corner... The One, The Only... put your hands together and ROAR FOR... MEEEE!" Robin was aware that playing "Rock Em Sock Em Robots against yourself is not as easy as it may sound! It was much like playing that other cool game, FRIGGIN' "Battleship" against... YOURSELF! YEP! It really didn't matter who you were playing against when you were the only one playing so, sometimes you had to compete one on one with who? YOURSELF! Robin loved to play "Wock 'Em Sock 'Em Wobots against himself because he was ALWAYS able to "DECLAYO" (declare) HIMSELF the "WINNA!!!" (the WINNER)! That's how good he WAS or THOUGHT... he WAS! "Battleship" just reflected the same game with a different NAME! In BATTLESHIP, it didn't matter how many times he went up against this particular Ocean Armada (or "sailor dudes" in... inferior boats) ...Robin would win! He was the outright champion in both of these worlds... HANDS DOWN! Robin never really knew what "hands down" meant but he liked the way it sounded and he never got BUSTED (caught) for saying it so, he kept vocally using this phrase! HANDS DOWN! These two games were HIS "bread and butter" and no one... I mean NO ONE touched them except for... HIMSELF! He even hid both of these COOL EPIC games under his bed where no one would "NEV-aw EV-aw EV-AW" (NEVER EVER EVER) find them! "Unduh the bed"(UNDER THE BED) was "the best hiding place EV-AW (EVER) so, don't tell anyone... EV-AW cuz I'm Twustin' YOU (EVER! Because I am TRUSTING YOU!) He couldn't even remember where he had hidden these two EPIC games ONE DAY... and THAT became an AWESOMACIOUSLY cool day... when he became aware that HE had found without a doubt... the best "hidin' place" EV-AW (EVER)! "HANDS DOWN!"

   Robin would sometimes also be yelling outloud while playing, "Wock 'Em Sock 'Em Wobots". He'd be yelling at both HIS fighters as if he were the boxer's trainer in that particular corner, too! In all, that's about four characters in the same fight and if one of the fighters got too out of hand, the ref would appear and then have to separate the two boxers while the two trainers were screaming at the ref for Hankie-panky (FOUL PLAY). That's five characters Robin would have to "perform" when he was playing "Wock 'Em Sock 'Em Wobots against HIMSELF!" By the time the tenth wound... I mean... ROUND... came  a"rrrrr"ound, Robin was pretty much outta (OUT OF) gas!

"Hands down!"

   This Saturday morning was not unlike any other for this five-year old: boxer/trainer/ref/battleship destroyer dude! Robin psychologically battled each day with WAY TOO MANY DAWN (DARN) "R"s and at such an early stage in LIFE!!! WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT?! Robin learned later in his life that... the more a person thinks or dwells "on and on" about a "focused" situation... well, more than likely... that person will actually attract a vibrational match to THAT so-called upon... and ongoing... SENSE of intensity of a past FOCUSED DESIRE or CONCERN... be it GOOD or BAD... consciously aware or in a sub-conscious creation state and that pretty much all depends upon one's own spiritual journey, ya know? O.K... so, 

   Robin was taking a breather on his bed, sprawled out on his back as the REFEREE continued to count "six, seven, eight" as Robin quickly jumped up upon hearing that "eighth count" and quickly BOUNCED to his feet just in time as this imaginary crowd went friggin' WILD! Robin never let the ref "count him down" to nine because that number was just a little TOO close to 10 and a possible bout elimination! In a boxing match... for all you "boxing rookies" out there! Robin was playing the crowd "to the max" when Mom "outta the blue"...opened the door and said, "Robin! Uncle Troy and Aunt Peggy are going to come over to visit so, straighten up your room and put on some decent clothes." And then she left and Robin was like...  "AWE-GUH!... Ok., Mom, lemme calm this FWISKY (frisky) CWOWD (CROWD) down, FUWST (FIRST)!"

   Every time Mom would say that name, "Aunt Peggy" Robin would twinge with an embarrased shyness. Aunt Peggy to Robin was so sweet, she overwhelmed him much like that scary movie, "Embarrasement on Elm Street"! She was relentless with her infamous question, "What's your name, little boy?" "What's your name, little boy?" "What's your name, little boy?" "Aargh!" Over and over and over again! Robin was taught proper manners and so, each time Aunt Peggy would ask his name, he would stand-up with shoulders back, look straight into her eyes and answer with his head held high, "YES, Ma'am... my name is Wobin Bwown." And without fail, Aunt Peggy would say, "Isn't that cute!" Robin is once again sub-consciously thinking, "It's just a FRIGGIN' name, Aunt Peggy!" He didn't really mind too much because Aunt Peggy was about the prettiest and sweetest woman Robin had ever known besides... well, Mom and he actually liked it when his Aunt would "cave in" from hearing him say his name out loud and just grab him to begin a series of "bear hugs" and yuckie kisses! No one else did this except for Aunt Peggy. Not being able to pronounce his "Rs" wouldn't be so bad if everyone gave him a "bear hug" after he pronounced his name for Aunt Peggy! Aunt Peggy would just go on and on, "Aren't you just the cutest little thing?!" Of course, Robin would just always smile and silently whisper to himself, "HANDS DOWN like... YEEEAAAH!" 


673 - 109 - 0 - US

   Here are a few of my esoteric rhymes which I composed and recorded to music supplied to me... by FRIENDS outside America. THESE RECORDINGS ARE FREE... FREE... free... to REFLECT upon... IF... inclined to do so...




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