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The Advenchews (ADVENTURES) of Wobin Bwown Pot 3 (Part 3 of 5)

June 9, 2017

                                         COMPASSION stuff...    

   Robert and Ronnie felt the same about Robin as Robin felt about them! Robert and Ronnie and Robin (the thwee(3) AMIGOS) were the bestest (BEST) of FWENS (friends) going into the thuwd gwade (THIRD GRADE!) It was around third grade that Robin really began to spiritually shine. He became a pint-sized more focused entity and Robert and Ronnie were still developing their essence as young men. Never-the-less these special early friendships remained intact.

   Recess each day was such a struggle for Robin's two so-called, longtime friends. All the other kids on the playground would always tease Robert and Ronnie. Robert got the worst of it all because he was overweight. When it came time to play kickball or softball or touch-football, no one would select Robert or Ronnie.

   Robin always felt for his... bestest fwens (best friends) because if you weren't selected by either Team Captain of these two teams, then you became a wannabe (want-to-BE) or in other words, you were left without a team to play for and would have to slowly walk away with your head down on your way to the "swing set" or "monkey bars" to spend your school play break. Everyone really wanted to be a part of one of the two "PlayGround Teams" but if they were not selected by either of the two team captains then... well, you get the picture! Day after day, Robin would always feel bad watching Robert and Ronnie slowly walk away from the Play Group as though they were not liked enough... and subsequently left OFF these two teams in this competition.

   Robin soon began to ponder and wonder... about... becoming a Team Captain as the light bulb in Robin's "headlamp" flipped on! "Wow, yeah!" was Robin's internal response and that way... HE could select HIS FWENS FUWST (friends first)! Robin even went around and asked the team captains at that time how they were selected as "team captains". Robin soon found out that anyone who wanted to be a team captain would have to have a foot race with the two current captains and the two fastest runners would be the two team captains until the next set race. Well! That stuck in Robin's noggin' (HEAD) and before you knew it, Robin requested a race to become a new EPIC Team Captain!

   No one really ever challenged the two current captains because everyone knew they were the fastest wunners in thuwd gwade (runners in 3rd GRADE). Robin didn't believe that, though! He believed it when he was in SECOND grade but he knew this was now the Big Time... "Thuwd Gwade"! (Third Grade!) One of the other two captains was also a friend of Robin's but from way back... in the second grade! His name was Sam and Sam was fast but Robin sometimes "hung out" with Sam because he lived right down his street so, Robin knew Sam's speed from just hangin' out in the "HOOD"(neighborhood) together!

   Sam became a good friend of Robin's LONG AFTER Robin's ongoing friendships with Robert and Ronnie.Those innocent days were gone now but Robins' friendships blossomed and grew with Robert and Ronnie. Sam even asked Robin one day why he hung out with Robert and Ronnie at school. Robin looked Sam straight in his eyes and responded, "Why not, they're COOL but they HIDE how COOL they are because they are SO COOL" That was the last time Sam EVER questioned Robin on his choice of friends!

   One day and "out of the blue", (because "OUT OF THE BLUE" was where stuff came from... when you didn't have a CLUE... of how STUFF became TWEW! (TRUE!) Robin announced that he wanted to WACE (RACE) Sam and Billy for a "team captain" position. The wace... I mean... RACE was set for the following Monday and this "race topic" was the talk of the playground all week long! No one could believe that someone actually wanted to wace (RACE)fwiggin (frigging) Sam and Billy!!! This was unheard of and it's that guy, Wobin who hangs out with those two we-ud  (weird) guys?

   All week long, this race was all Robin would hear about. Robert and Ronnie even came to Robin one day to ask him if he was afraid of possibly losing THIS race? Robin looked at both boys and asked them if they wuh tiwed (were tired) of playing on the swing set with the guls (GIRLS)? Robin knew that just the mention of GULS (GIRLS), SPAWKED (sparked) visions of "cooties" dancin' in these boy's heads!

   Both Robert and Ronnie couldn't speak loud or fast enough in harmony when the two "swing-set" swingers asked, "Do you need "Spowts Twainaws?" (Sports Trainers?)" Robin just slightly smiled... with compassion and said, "No thanks, guys... I think I got THIS one cuvuwed (COVERED)!"

2,800 - 79 - 1 - US

   Here are a few of my esoteric rhymes which I composed and recorded to music supplied to me... by FRIENDS outside America. THESE RECORDINGS ARE FREE... FREE... free... to REFLECT upon... IF so inclined to do so...




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