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Last Minute Luxury Cruises....Taking Advantage of Last Minute Travel Opportunities

By Joan Dann

Luxury Last Minute Cruises Travel

Not everyone is able to plan a trip a year away. Sometimes life is just too uncertain and hectic for long term plans. Your work is too demanding...your family situation is busy and or a loved one's health is uncertain. The world is a tougher and tougher place these days. It seems everyone is under more stress. But all of a sudden....there is a break in all the action and you feel a pocket of opportunity to get out of town ! Taking a last minute cruise is just the ticket.

Cruise ships, by their very nature, are just all set to go. The roster is full of daily activities.....the ship does all the driving and just carries you along. All you have to really do is plan to go......throw together a simple suitcase of great clothing basics......get some cash, your passport and close up the house. It really is that simple---if you let it be. This is part of the problem in today's world....we have let everything get too complicated, involved and hectic. We all need a getaway and a break from the grind of life. Let this be the time for you to do just that. Escape !

Many ship sailings DO book up far out and sell out. But there often can be a few spots open here and there. There may be last minute cancellations. Flexibility is key on your part. The greatest concern is really choosing the proper cruise line that matches your personality. Once you have done that---it really does not matter where that ship goes. The ship is really the destination in many cases. If you are in the will have lovely warm Caribbean breezes and sunshine on that ship. If you are sailing Alaska or a New England Fall Foliage or Antarctica, for instance....the scenic cruising is magnificent. You simply need to sit back and enjoy !

If you want to have great touring worldwide (instead of just a relaxing poolside cruise).....a ship can help you there too. Your clothes are in ONE closet....and the ship moves from port to port to port to dip you in to see all of the wonderful places around the world. Ports listed on the itinerary you have not heard of ? That's great. The cruise lines try to find undiscovered places. They can turn out to be your favorites. Shore excursions are all just need to select a few tours that you feel work best for you and what you would like to see.

World Cruises and Grand Voyages also can be rather "last minute" decisions. But the defination for last minute is a bit different with them. You would really probably need more of a month to plan for 3-4 months at sea or two months at sea for a Grand Voyage. You may need innoculations......special Visas, etc. Packing takes a special approach on your part for a long extended time away. But with a few weeks away from sailing, however---you could pull a last minute World Cruise together ----if the ship has room and you have a bit more prep time. 

Sometimes it makes great sense to take advantage of a last minute special price to fill unsold staterooms. Cruise lines like to sail full with a full roster of passengers. The staff is already in place. The staff wants the tip money. Their bars are fully stocked. The cruise line resigns themselves to the fact that they may take less in cruisefare in hopes of making it up in your "onboard revenue" (you spending money onboard for cocktails, casino, gift shop purchases, specialty restaurants, shore excursions,etc.). If opportunity is knocking at your door with a really great rate.....I suggest grabbing it. You may never ever see it again. Many people can easily talk themselves out of going. "Oh---we'll go next year", they tell themselves. Next year may never come-----and certainly not at this great special rate. You just need to travel while you can !

My final thoughts are.....Sometimes people who do go at the last minute...have not over-planned or over-thought things. They are not expecting every minute to be perfect and will take things more as they come. I think this is an important part of travel ! Spontaneous moments !

We all need more spontaneous moments in life !

Happy Traveling !

Joan Dann can be reached via her website and email her at

She is owner of and a Cruise Expert....and a World Cruise Specialist and a member of Ensemble Travel Group. She is a frequent Host of Ensemble Hosted Cruises. She is also Co-Owner of Dann Men's Clothing & Dann Formal Wear as well as other upscale shops. For almost 40 years she has worked with the luxury customer ...their travels....their clothing...etc. 

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