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May 15, 2017



I've seen you- lurking round the dark distant corners of time, the stealthy staccato of your footsteps drawing ever closer to my ear.

Turning away- I am unwilling to behold the familiar features of your face.

Your greed astounds me! Never sated, ever yawning jaws grinning in mockery of my fear.

I know you- for I have watched you many times draw close- to breathe your foul and searing breath upon my soul.

Your lingering presence robbed my spirit of its innocence- my days of their fleeting lightness- for a time and while I grasped at unseen hands, you clung with tenacious repetition, until, in exhaustion I granted your undeniable certainty.

Your measurement of time is not like unto mine, for it doesn't exist.

My boundaries have no meaning in your world. My closed eyes will not cease your existence.

You grapple with life for the prize of my soul- yet defeat creases your brow.

I anticipate your fated knock upon my door- knock softly- be not in haste- for I am yet unready to take your hand.

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