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The Advenchews(Adventures) of Wobin Bwown pot 2 (part 2) and he's Happiaw (Happier) than a Skwool(squirrel) with his nut

May 11, 2017

   Robin thought he had figured out THE simple: so-called 3rd grade-Listening-Game Plan... UNTIL the teacher introduced herself and proceeded to inform the class that everyone (in the class) would take turns in standing up to... in-twoh-duce them-SELVES!

"Wut?! IN-TWOAH-DUCK-TIONS?!!!" (in-tro-duc-tions?!!!)

   Just when he thought he had it all figured out, "Teach then thwew... one "aw" TWO "WENCHES" (threw one "OR" two wrenches) INTO-THE-MIX telling ev-we-one (every-one) to In-twoahhh-duce (introduce) THEMSELVES!!!" ARGH! THIS was all Robin could repeat over and over to HIM-self... The teacher then... "Uhshewadly" (assuredly) pointed to her right just like a flowing sand... "Are ya followin' me here? This magical SIREN politely sprinkled her words about and then began, "Let us start right over... HERE!" Robin had immediately began counting how many kids were in front of him before it was his turn to stand and tell everyone his NAME! AWG! (ARGH!) Wobin was now thinking... "I'm in the second wough in the bewy (very) bewy (very) back and thewoa (there) wuh (were) six woughs (rows) of kids in the class with six kids in each wough (row)! ED-Zachly (ex-actly)... TEN ANNOUNCEMENTS BEFOW my...  TUWN (TURN)! Robin had this figured out before the first kid even began HIS introduction. He turned to his right to observe the slightly overweight kid prepare for his turn and Robin could tell that this boy wasn't too comfortable in HIS own skin at this introduction thing, either! When the girl to his left stood to introduce herself, there was a thundering snicker from all the boys. The BOYS were laughing at how that "girl with the cooties" had... COOTIES! Robin was so busy worrying about HIS turn that he almost didn't hear the teacher when she loudly proclaimed... "Class! We will remain quiet when each person stands to share their name! Robin was like..."Wow! Weally?" Robin quickly raised his hand and the teacher once again stopped the introductions and pointed at Robin and asked, "YES, Robin?" Robin cleared his voice and as clear as he could say it, he asked, "WHAT?" The teacher looked across the room and right into Robin's eyes and said, "THERE WILL BE SILENCE WHEN EACH STUDENT SHARES their name with the class! IS THAT CLEAR??" Robin's head was now quickly moving up and down faster than a rollercoaster ride at Disneyland as he looked around the room to make sure everyone heard the teacher correctly! "YES!" "YES!" ...was heard escaping Robin's mouth as he finished up with, "Thank-you, ma'am thank-you!"

   Five more kids until it was HIS turn to stand and tell everyone HIS name, Wobin Bwown! Robin was so calm and "chilled" right now because he was fully aware that no one was ALLOWED to LAUGH because he NOW felt as though the teacher had his back... ya know?! The kid who was wearing the green glass-frames and who sat right behind Robin was so nerve-racked that when Robin got up and threw out his introduction, "My name is Wobin Bwon" the green glass-framed kid shot up from his seat and pretty much shouted out his name, My name is "Wonnie Millew." The green glass-framed kid or... Wonnie Millaw, didn't even notice that he had probably sub-consciously copied Robin's speech impediment and automatically used it when he introduced HIMself! Robin couldn't believe it! All the kids were now laughing out loud BUT their focus was not at Robin but AT "Wonnie", the green-glasses kid but it still didn't feel right! Robin didn't know if this kid had done this on purpose or what... but all the kids were all still snickering at the green-glasses wearin' kid! The teacher then interrupted the introductions and quieted the class once again. Robin couldn't believe what had just happened and he really didn't care one way or the other but all the kids were NOT laughing at HIM! Wow! Robin quickly turned around to see Ronnie frozen stiff and with eyes bigger than "dessert plates on Thanksgiving"! Robin whispered, "Thank-you!" and before Ronnie could ask him... Thank-You, fah wut? the overweight kid to Wobin's right, Wobet (Robert), was now standing and introducing himself as, "Wobet Wiley". The whole class started laughing all over again and Robin was feeling like he was in that "Alice in Wonderland" movie! Robin later found out that Ronnie Miller had been told my his doctor that he was... "Delayed in Development" and he was NOW totally nerve-racked knowing that he was obligated to stand up in front of his classmates and introduce himself! He was afraid the kids in class were going to LAUGH at HIM because of HIS... whatever... Robert Riley, the overweight kid to Robin's right was also nervous as he slowly stood in front of his classmates and introduced himself because he was afraid the kids would laugh at HIM because of HIS weight problem. Robin found all this out at recess break when the three "Nerve Cats" or young boys just came together at the swing set and couldn't stop talking to one another. Robin felt like he had known these two dudes his whole life! They each had their own concerns to deal with. These two boys just thought that if the other kids in the class were laughing at them just because of the way they pronounced their "R's", no problem! They both would take that little "R" problem over the problems THEY thought THEY had! The three boys were totally stoked after these classroom introductions were completed. These three boys were now brought together to quickly become best of friends in a single day! Wow!

   When Robin got into his Mom's car AFTER school, he just couldn't stop talking about his two "newest and bestest" fwiends, "Wobet and Wonnie!" Robin's Mom didn't even get a chance to say hello to Robin because he was too busy trying to tell his mother everything at the sametime!

   Young Robin was happier than a "squirrel at an acorn festival"! He didn't know that life could feel... SO GOOD! He loved school! All the things he had heard from others about being FORCED to go to school were far from HIS thoughts. Those people probably hadn't met his new friends, "Wobet and Wonnie" so, of course they would feel that way about going to school.

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