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Last Order Last Ride

April 26, 2017

SATURDAY had always been an exciting day for me during my teenage years although I was uncertain whom would I be dating that evening or would my so-called dream boy happen to dial my number to ask me out for a drink or a movie or even a last-minute reminder of a party of some sort and if he didn't  then I would be lonely and my Saturday would be wasted. Back then. Looking out of the window to expect a car slowly appearing in the direction  would make your heart started beating faster by one beat.

Right now. I don't need you. I have WiFi. The world is getting closer yet life is getting farther even in the same house where you live as a family. You begin to connect with the world faster than with any one else in the family. You are sitting with your spouse or children, yet your focus is in tune with the world via your precious possession or other instant gadget for your own pleasure or rather, for some getaway.

Last Saturday, the women had arranged a small gathering for old time's sake, and so, after a table of potluck food among eight of us baby boomers, one woman suggested we go Starbucks for a change. No one disagreed. we drove down to one of the outlets of Starbucks where we thought it could be less crowded.

Just the opposite. By the time we found a nice parking lot and thanked our lucky star, we popped in and saw it was still crowded with people and all seats and tables seemed occupied. A while later, some teenagers left and we grabbed the table and started studying over the menu to figure out what drink to order, how much does one item cost, one by one and  another woman said she doesn't drink coffee at night and if she does, she will not be able to sleep through the night. She prefers a fresh juice. 

Baby boomers. Eight of us thought the time waits for no one but us. Until we heard the guy at the counter calling out "Last Order" Instantly, all sixteen eyes locked into one another and one cried out "quick, quick. Tick your drink. How come the last order comes so early?" Man, it's going to be midnight in twenty minutes' time and you ladies still comparing notes in your small world.

Here at IMAGO shopping mall, there's a leisure choo choo train where shoppers can get on to go for a 7 minutes ride along the same shopping level on any day. The little train can carry about 12 people per round. I was queuing for a free ride with my other half the other day after browsing in the Popular bookstore an hour earlier. I wasn't aware of their last ride is at 7.45pm until I heard an officer in uniform announced to the excited crowd that comprised children and adults that the next ride would be the last ride for the day. Had we come a little too late? No. We managed to make it . We took the last ride of the day. Tomorrow, there will be plenty of rides awaiting everyone, they promised.

Some may say do not take the last straw for granted. In life, we find everywhere the word "last" Last Day Grand Sale, Last Offer, Last Chance, Last Hope, Last Gamble, Last Deal, and last but not least, Last Breath.

Hope everyone finds something truly lasts.


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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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