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The ADVENCHEWS (adventures) of the Vay-wee (very) Twew (TRUE) Life of the young: Wobin Bwown pawt 1 (part1)

April 3, 2017


   This was Robin's first day of: First Grade! Robin was more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!  THIS was like The Wild Wild West and this young cowboy was now going to have to face a whole room full of kids who were soon going to know... that Robin couldn't pronounce his "R"s properly because of... his shyness or... WHATEVER! This "long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs-THOUGHT soon fransformed into: feeling like that ELEPHANT in the ROOM!"... night after night... three weeks before that fearful and seemingly harrowing day of lurking nervosity and needless to say... THIS sub-conscious so-called... "trainwreck" was continuously linked to young Robin's little unknown... desensitized psyche! During this "Cold Sweat" period... Robin would awaken each morning in a "cold sweat" even though he had no idea what a "Cold Sweat" WAS! He would awaken... all wet, head to toe! He even thought he had "peed" his bed... at one point! He soon ruled out THAT possibility because these "cold sweats" continued to occur every night. It seemed as though these "COLD sweats" wouldn't go away... as Robin subsequently became infamous for Robin's "Used-Car Salesman FOCUS"... of continuous recapitulation... over and over again... "Mom! It's NOT PEE!" 

   On the third night of this tremendous discomfort and "wet" bed period, Robin's mother came to him and asked if he had been having nightmares! Robin knew his mom had "x-way vision... but how did she know about his nightmaows (nightmares), too?!" "Robin, have you been having some really bad dreams lately?"...Exact words! Robin replied like: 100-yard sprinter breaking off the starting blocks at the Olympics,

(read quickly) "Yeah, Mom! You won't believe how "scawood" I've been each night "twying" to CWASH* (*CRASH or... fall into a deep sleep)! I wake up and the only thing I "wemembaw" is that I'm swimming in bed hoping that I'm not *"dwowning" and then when I wake up, THE WHOLE BED is wet BUT... it's NOT "pee pee" and then I lay "theow"(THERE) wide awake and bushy tailed because I'm too "afwade" to go back to sleep... and then I wait for the sun to "wise" so I can stop "dweaming"! "It's not "pee pee, Mom! I pwomise! Check it out... my whole body is WET... not just my "un-da-wa-yo" (underwear)!" 

   Robin's mother wrapped her arms around her son and said, "Robin, those nightmares will STOP once you START school."WOW"... was all Robin could say to himself well, besides... how does Mom friggin' know THAT? Eleven more days and nights before school would start. He didn't really know if he could handle it any longer especially eleven more nights of these "SWEATING" nightmares! But just the fact, that his Mom told him that the nightmares would stop once school began... WOW! This was all Robin actually needed to hear. Robin never doubted his mom's word. It was from that exact point on... from mom's conversation explaining the "meaning" of his nightmares... well, they never returned! It's quite amazing how a little bit of information from a caring parent can spiritually calm a child. The days passed and Robin was now even... a little bit excited about going to his first day of school! Ya-Know? The "thoughts of school" were now THRILLING... instead of...THREATENING! I can look back now as a senior citizen and can realize the healing energy... my mother lovingly possessed and used. God BLESS all MOTHERS!

   The night before that first day at school was much like Christmas morning to Robin. He barely slept at all and was up and out of bed and dressed... sitting at the breakfast table ready to go to school long before his mother even started cooking breakfast. "You look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning" was his mother's first comment upon seeing Robin. "Are you primed about going somewhere exciting and special, today?" ...his mother asked... still half asleep. Robin was looking at his Mother with his head slightly tilted to the right as if he was confused by something and not too sure as to what that something was or maybe he was sleep walking again and now... he had just awakened! He didn't hold back his inquisitive nature which was normal... when around his Mother. "Mom? A bwight-eye and bushy-tail?" "What are those?" His Mom caught herself smiling as she answered, "It's just a "saying or comment" to describe someone who is happy to see the morning." Robin responded, "I'm willy (REALLY) happy to see the mawning (morning), this mawning (morning)!" "Mom, don't foget about taking me to school, this mawning! It's my fuwst day of school! And with a twinge of compassion Robin asks, "Did you fo-get?" Robin's Mother was trying to hold back her inner laugh as she answered, "No, but thank-you for reminding ME! We'll go right after you eat your breakfast." Robin covered THIS like: a wet blanket on a fire, "I'm not hungwey, Mom! We can go NOW!" Here it came... as Mama YODA responds... "Robin, you must eat your breakfast every morning before going to school... yes, you will!!" "Yes, ma'am" was... Robin's automatic response. "Can I have Captain Cwunch instead of this slimy oatmeal?" Mom responded, "Robin, you know that dog will not hunt!" Every time Mom talks about that dog that refuses to hunt well... well, what she really means is... "NO!" Robin knows that... and doesn't even need to ask why a dog... (which they did not even have...) will not hunt... uh... stuff? Clear 'nuff?  Robin knew... not to touch that (one) with a "ten-foot pole"! Hands down! Robin knew... through perceptive reasoning that most adults who lived in Texas... spoke "Texan" which was a mix between English slang and bang, shoot'em up quips linked with: SPANISH! Half the time, Robin would just repeat the words and phrases he heard around him without havin' the "faintest inkling" as to what they mean! I think he was just excited that he had his language and speech down perfect now... well, except for that friggin' letter, "R"!

   Rounding the final corner to the school grounds... Robin's heart was just about "beatin' ... out of his shirt" as they were now present at the doorstep to: Robin's first day of SCHOOL! He even looked down at his heart to check to see if he could actually see his heart pounding underneath his shirt! Nope, but he would have "bet the barn" that he could! As Mom stopped the car at the curb of: The School Playground Drop-Off/Pick-Up Point, Robin was ready to jump out of the car... when Yoda... I mean, Mom asked,

"Are you going to give me a kiss and a hug before you go off to your first day of school and wonderment?"

   Robin slowly scoured the playground at all the kids playing, turned his head back to his Mom, looked her straight into her loving eyes and... as serious as the day is long he said, "Mom, I don't think "NOW"... is a good time for stuff like THAT, look at all those people wight theow (RIGHT THERE!) Mom smiled and said, "Good point... so, good luck, Robin!" Robin replied with a glowing smile on his face and having no idea what was about to escape his mouth he said, "Mom, today? I'm "wao" (where...) the luck IS!" Little did Robin know that those words were going to be OH, so true!

   Robin ran straight to the monkey bars to get a few swings in before the bell would ring for class! He hadn't seen this many kids since last year at Christmas Eve at Target! He was only five years, seven months and three days old and he already felt like he owned THESE SWEET monkey bars! Hands down! It seemed: out of the blue as the school bell began ringing and everyone began running to their perspective classrooms. Robin knew where to go because the school sent Mom a note telling her what room number he was to report to when that first bell rang. The note even had a map pointing out the room! Wow! "Schools aw pwetty smawt" was all Robin kept saying over and over in his head. He quickly made his way on over to his "Home Room". That's what they called each kid's morning time classroom. Robin entered the classroom and of course, he made his way to the BACK of the classroom. What? He was going to sit up front with all the "Bwain-o-lios?!" He found an empty desk and quickly took his seat. He began to look around the room and especially to the desk right behind him and to his left and right. To his right was an overweight boy and right behind Robin's desk was a boy wearing green framed glasses and to his left was a girl with "cooties". At this age, Robin believed that all girls had "cooties" or as mom would always remind, Robin... "COOTIES of RESPECT"! The two boys closest to him looked straight at Robin when he was checking THEM out. Robin felt comfortable with these two guys as he slumped down into his chair and took a deep breath. He MADE IT! He finally felt comfort... which he hadn't felt in almost thwee weeks! The teacher entered the room and she looked very kind. Robin always felt like he could read people even when he was swimmin' 'round... in his mother's womb. He later learned in life why he was labeled as: "breech born" and why he possessed a speech impediment! Robin's Dad was a well-known player and "heck-raiser" long before he was born. When his father got upset around his mother well, he felt it, while in his mother's tummy and when it was time for his life to begin outside the womb... all he could do was change direction and head north to his mother's soothing heart beat. He didn't know he was not supposed to do that, he just did it out of instinct! On that special day, the doctor reached in and grabbed Robin's ankles and pulled him out of mom's womb, FEET FIRST? It was no surprise that he was screaming "bloody murder" on his way out and into this world! The doctor didn't even have to spank him when he came out! Once he quieted down, he remained as quiet as a "duck feather dropping to the ground".  FEAR and staying quiet were now his bedmates and it wasn't a surprise that Robin was considered by others as: SHY! He wouldn't "peep a peep" until he noticed down the road that he was blessed with a conscious angelic sister who was willing to speak FOR him... throughout his early years! All he had to do was pull on her dress and grunt what he wanted and his sister would understand the grunts and then relay that information over to his mother! System analysis accomplished! BIG STEP! Behavioral and environmental conditions in early development pretty much explained why Robin had difficulty pronouncing his "R" words properly. He didn't trust his environment enough... to practice his language skills... and thus the perception of continual "SHYNESS" It seemed like if he cried out or attempted to speak out, the father would react with an energy of being bothered. It didn't take a "wocket scientist" to figure that one out! Robin pretty much grunted to his sister to request what he wanted and needed up until that first day at school... but now what?! His sister was not around at school! On that first day... he thought he had figured out a simple listening plan until the teacher introduced herself and said that everyone in the class would take turns in standing up to introduce themselves!


(PART 2 rewrite coming...)

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