February 27, 2017

The Devastating Effects of Pornography on the Human psyche

As a voracious parasite- pornography gorges on the most basic of human instincts-our sexuality. 


Alike unto a mad scientist experimenting with the human psyche, it attempts to rewire this most primal instinct onto an unreal idea and projection; creating monstrous beliefs in the minds of its unsuspecting victims. It creates a fabricated stimulus that diverts natural human sexual desire toward an unnatural belief in mechanical satisfaction. 




Although throughout time erotic drawings and images have been used as a stimulant and substitute for live sex- today’s pornography is fast becoming a societal addiction via the easy and widespread availability of the internet. The lasting damage of this rabid addiction is only now begun to be manifest in our society. The side-effects can be devastating- especially to the unformed naïve minds of a younger age. Porn’s success lies in the fact that it caters to the human weakness of insecurity and fear of failure innate within us all. 


One alarming prospect of these damaging effects is the recurring of objectification of women as merely sex objects- a retro-state of mind that conscientious men and women have been struggling to overcome for generations. This impeding of progressive thinking can ultimately, once again, drive a wedge between male and female resulting in further inclination toward gay and lesbian experiences. This human need for emotion-driven sexual experience is not being met by the opposite sex. Unchecked perpetual exposure to this addiction may quite likely lead to the prevalence of a dangerous impropriety in the probity of human behavior. 


These erotic unrealistic videos have thus become a powerful weapon in the hands of our greatest enemies- enemies who throughout time have been set on the downfall of Mankind on Earth. The tempting lie of this deception is the same lie told in the Garden of Eden. “Partake of this fruit and you will become powerful and wise, with the sexual prowess of the gods.” 


In the shadows of this oblique lie- young and old are becoming programmed to believe that these explicit porn videos hold the answers to the great mystery of sex. The thorn on the rose of this supposed wisdom draws the blood of misconception- a misconception that the act of mechanical sex is complete in and of itself- sans the benefit of emotional connection between partners. Both men and women lose something vital to the sexual experience within this delusion-when they exclude the reveries of the unknown. Gone is the mounting excitement of gradual discovery and anticipation- the wonder at the human connection. 


Beyond the mechanical sex act is the essential sharing of friendship-loyalty-intellect and mutual support- necessary ingredients for successful human fulfillment. The accumulated results of porn addiction indicate that rather than whetting the appetite for sex, it can, through repetitive unrealistic expectations, deaden the ability to appreciate and enjoy real natural sex. 


Perhaps this upsurge of internet porn may partially explain the popularity of cosmetic surgery, outrageous sensuality of dress and promiscuous actions among young girls today; feeling their own sense of sexual value lowered- they attempt to compete with the blatant unreal fantasies of female porn stars. 


What has become of simple “Lovemaking”? The delicate intricacies of this age-old, time-tested human practice is perceived by porn addicts, as a waste of time and energy rather than an enjoyable and necessary prelude to the end result of fulfilling sex. There are still a few things in our modern world that should not be expedited. 


By taking this short-cut to Wonderland- they miss the enticing scenery along the way, and cheat themselves of the “Full Monty” of the human sexual trip. 








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