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America the Greatest! Rebuilding a Clean Swamp

February 9, 2017

One thing about the last U.S. election that was true: The swamp did need cleaning!  The question is:  A cleaned out swamp can be anything... "what are we going to build?" It seems the universal rallying cry is to build something GREAT!  A central theme we can all agree on.  Sounds good enough to be true.  Let us define Great.

As Americans, we all need to make a unified decision.  Who are we?  How do we want the world to see us?  What do we want to project into the world?  That is who we are.  We must collectively decide this before the swamp is cleaned out.

There is a tremendous amount of good that shows up in even the worst person you know.  Okay, there may be a few exceptions to this (they do walk among us) but en masse, there is a lot of great-sides of people in this world that simply needs to be tapped into.  Today, we tap into their worst... practically, that is the swamp. It wasn't necessarily the people living in the swamp. They were just trying to survive the stink. We don't want to send them to jail for living in the swamp. We just want them to tell the truth about what is making it smell... because we know they know!  It was a very stinky swamp. We understand. It was making us all smell badly. 

It all comes down to something very simple.   When we walk out the door each morning how do we want the world to see us?  What is America doing for people?  Are we making life better or worse for people?  From my own global travels (42 countries and counting) I can tell you first hand, many countries fear us.  We are the Empire and they are all bands of Hans Solo.   Our image to most of them is we represent killing technologies, spying infrastructure, conniving meddlers with a big stick.  Can you imagine your friends seeing you this way? That is the swamp.  


Imagine the swamp is now clean. Let's give this cleaned-out real estate to our military. Sound preposterous? Before you decide so... let's go back to our collective American question that we all need to answer: "What do we want to project into our world? How do we want to be seen?"  Let's give our awesome military a new mission and stop war and start exporting peace. That is being the best of America and not being our worst. Our military people are awesome people. Dedicated, fit, motivated and also have very big hearts.  They had much rather help people than kill them.  Reorienting them towards peace will be a welcomed step they each want to take.   With existing (already funded) infrastructure we could invade a small country in days to deliver them a food and water supply.   This wouldn't cost us a dime more.  This cargo is cheaper than ammo, aircraft and warcraft and people will love them (us) for bringing it.

The FDA, Dept of Agriculture, Environmental, Energy and Healthcare all combine into one agency... not to regulate more but instead chartered to solve obvious problems.  Their new mission (first directive): Determine the best ways to provide nutrient-dense, organic food.  Define it as a best practice and export this knowledge to the world... through our military.  If we grow the food and distribute it to the planet through our military then it will pay for itself. That will make America great again.   These agencies,once combined,  will quickly discover our food, water and air are not only the most important to every human's life but the zenith of many of our medical problems.  Healthcare in this new mission is about correcting the sources of disease and not patching it with drugs. The new model thrives financially if we are all well... not sick. (correct incentive)

A second obvious discovery we will make is that clean energy is here.  We just haven't invested in it.   If the military is feeding people then we idled the military industries. What are they going to do?  They invest in cheap, clean and ubiquitous energy and we export that to the world. They have the collective technical savvy and resources to make this happen.   And by the way, they too are already in our budget. We just pay them to transform and deliver something other that weapons.

This swamp endeavor is not biased toward any political sway.  It is a human sway.  No exceptions to inclusion.   We do all want clean air, great food, and clean water.  We would all love almost-free energy everywhere.  If you don't want this you are going to really stand out in this big crowd... worldwide. Yes, there are humans everywhere that feel the same way.  What America projects into the world will become very contagious, very quickly.   This is a lead position where America is the catalyst for positive change.  At the end of the day (and that's where we are)  this is who Americans really are. We are great people and it time we showed this to the world we live in.


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James Taylor was an international business executive for fifteen years. He lived in China and Malaysia with much time invested in Turkey, India and Sri Lanka.  He now resides near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina. James grew up on a farm and cattle plantation in South Carolina. Mr. Taylor has earned a reputation as a highly strategic, analytical thinker. Published Author of "The Assumptions" and new 2017 release of "The Human Primer."