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Why Does the USA Borrow Money Instead of Print Money? Ever Wondered?

February 2, 2017

I have pondered this question all my life and never found a suitable answer... until now.  Every election I can remember finds the Presidential candidates raging on about lowering the cost of government and trimming the budget in this place or that but regardless of what they preach somebody isn't happy with the cut.   But instead of cutting cost why doesn't the Federal Government just print the money instead of borrowing it from a private bank (Federal Reserve Bank)?  The Constitution for the United States says we can. It just makes no sense.

Some world economists told me years ago that if we printed all the money we needed it would cause run-away inflation and devalue the dollar with so much currency in circulation.  This is indeed true and a possibility.  But today we owe 19.8 trillion dollars and 2.4 trillion dollars of that debt is to a privately held bank... the Federal Reserve. At 5%, the annual interest  we are paying  (you and I) is $120 billion dollars every year in just interest payments... and still owe the principle.   It just doesn't add up!

After all these years I finally understand. The answer to "Why we don't print money"  now makes perfect sense but I don't like the answer I found. No wonder no politician will talk about it. It is political kryptonite.  You will not like the answer either and every American needs to investigate this answer to prove to themselves it is indeed true.  We have all been duped!

 But first, there is another question that is relevant and was the actual question that led me to the answer.  Have you ever seen all these advertisements where they announce a disclaimer at the end saying "Good in all 50 states and the District of Columbia"?  My question was why do they list the District of Columbia separate from the other United States?  Ever wondered about this? I did.  There is a very disturbing reason for it and the answer will also answer why we borrow money instead of print it. Here is the story and it will cause a great deal of indigestion for you.

After the civil war the United States was essentially bankrupt (May, 1865). We needed money. The Government was insolvent and about to collapse.  Remember the Revolutionary war when we broke away from the British?  Well the Brits weren't too happy about that.  So the British teamed up with The Vatican Bank.  You may not know this but the Jesuits in the Vatican starting the first international banking system.  Together, they offered the United States the money but had a caveat... a very big caveat!  They would only loan the money if we became a part of their incorporated city state. That is a state within a state.  A completely sovereign entity all unto itself.  The Vatican and the Royal compounds of England have this status.  Neither are actually a part of their country.  They have their own sovereign real estate right in the middle of their country and are not actually part of their countries.  That was the caveat for the United States too.

In order to receive the funds we needed we had to incorporate into a new sovereign state like them and be a part of their corporation... and voila, the birthing of the District of Columbia. It was called the Act of 1871.  Google it.  There is a lot of information about this Act in the public domain.  It is astonishing that none of us knew about it. It is a very serious turning point in our history.

The District of Columbia is not a part of these United States and has its own constitution.  It is a corporation.  The original constitution signed by our founders is no longer valid or in play.  This act replaced our Constitution with a Corporation.  Simply stated, we no longer live under the original inalienable rights  we had. We are part of a new constitution and are reclassified as revenue generators or "chattel" to a new corporation.  Shocked?  You should be.  Do the research.  It is an absolute fact and has been hidden in plain sight since 1871. We have all be duped.  If you are angry...well, you aren't alone.

This is the reason we don't print our own money.  The Federal Reserve is in place to make a profit for the corporation... that is, the two sister companies of the Vatican and the Royal Holdings.   The Brits finally got their revenge.  The Act of 1871 essentially made these United States a holding within a Corporation that skims the profit for their own gains.  They own the new Corporation as the majority share holder and it owns us.  We were all tricked and duped into thinking we were still operating under our Constitution but we aren't.

As some of you may know, the legal system redefines words in the courts so they have a completely different meaning from what we define the words to be in our everyday language.  In this Act they changed only one word. Our founders produced "The Constitution for the United States of America."  The new incorporated state of the District of Columbia reads "The Constitution of the United States of America."  That one change, in legal terms, changed everything.

In order for America to truly be great again we must revoke this Act of 1871, reinstate our Constitution, start printing U.S. Treasury bills (backed by gold) and shut down the  Federal Reserve Bank.  Since this created entity is a corporation and not a Republic... it can be sued.  We sue it for twenty trillion dollars to pay off the entire debt of the country and once again become free, sovereign, and solvent.  That is how we make America Great again.  This is the most treasonous act ever thrust upon our country.  It is time to put an end to it.  Let us (not Trump) make America great again. It will be solely up to us and the time has come. The cat is out of the bag. Pandora's box is open.  The Emperor has no clothes.

These changes will correct a great deal of what is wrong in America. This was the zenith of our problems and we didn't know it.  No politician can help.  It is up to Americans this time. The time has come. We have done it before and we can do it again.  This time we will do it through knowledge and peace... not war.  The remaining days of the corporation formed in 1871 are numbered. It is about to end.  Americans will insure it.  Enough said. Do your own research and then spread the word.

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James Taylor was an international business executive for fifteen years. He lived in China and Malaysia with much time invested in Turkey, India and Sri Lanka.  He now resides near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina. James grew up on a farm and cattle plantation in South Carolina. Mr. Taylor has earned a reputation as a highly strategic, analytical thinker. Published Author of "The Assumptions" and new 2017 release of "The Human Primer."