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" Get Yourself Some Cheap Sunglasses"

January 27, 2017

" Get Yourself Some Cheap Sunglasses"

Looking at life through different hues is the way in which humans create their views.


We may buy sunglasses in a myriad of shapes styles and different colored lenses, but because of their versatile, interchangeable and sometimes disposal usage; may prefer not to spend a lot of money on their purchase. Buying and wearing only one pair may limit the versatility of our perceptions; beside the fact that we’ll probably lose them anyway. We primarily prefer variety in everything we do; comparison, competition and choice permeate our lives.




Viewing our surroundings in different colors can affect our perceptions and influence our choices; we don’t want to deprive ourselves of every available choice. A rose colored hue will have a different effect than one of green, brown or blue. We may interchange these lenses at times, usually settling on the one or two that make us feel most comfortable; but this change should not cost us too much.


Rather than plastic and metal, the sunglasses of the mind are composed and created from our impressions and experiences in life. The price of these human sunglasses reaches down deep into the pockets of our souls. But their value should not be placed so high that they become indispensable and irreplaceable; sticking to one pair of sunglasses, because of the price they cost, may produce a narrow and one-colored perception of life’s view, and may impede our ability to look farther to the distant horizons.


We bring fresh inspiration to our minds and our world by our desire to believe in our own creative transformation. We must first see the vision before we can believe it. The magical wand, if you will, of this transformation, is the changing lenses of our minds.


There are some who never don sunglasses, but prefer to see only through the lenses prescribed for them, thereby cheating themselves of the variety which is the spice of life.


Of course there are some who wear the new transitional lenses which will change our view automatically when needed, in the color we’ve chosen to view- the downside to this is that it will always be the same hue; but at least we always know where our sunglasses are! I prefer to buy multiple pairs of cheap sunglasses and change up the hue of the view. Modern inventions can be convenient and metaphorically educational as we become our creations and our creations become us.


Don’t ask why and shrug; ask why and proceed to find the answers. If we look only in one place and give up- we won’t know if we’ve found the right thing, unless we have something to compare it to.


Happy hunting! And don’t forget your cheap sunglass

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