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Cyber Friends and Things

January 18, 2017

What is a poem but a metaphor- a parable in disguise-

Philosophers, teachers, songwriters and saints, have all used this fanciful guise.

To whisper softly in the ear; desires and perceptions we hold dear-

To bring by light touch to the mind; these lyrical cadence as they unwind-

To speak of cabbages, kings and queens, lovers and fears and whimsical things-

To tell a harsh story in prose or in rhyme; painted with words in rhythmic time.

Forgiving of barriers, strictures and rules; made up by pedantic, un-romantic fools

Cyber Friends

"Friends in our head," they call us; I cannot hear your voice-

But in our mind is where we meet, to laugh, cry and rejoice.

To make you real, like magic, I pluck you out of space;

And drape your warmth around me;

Like words made out of lace.

Sans the earthly strains and bonds, of physicality;

A friendship born of intellect, bred in the soul's autonomy.

I pass time in good company; I never am alone;

With a mirrored image of myself to compliment my own.


Earth's Farewell Party

A jolly good time was had by all, at Mother Earth's farewell party-

They ate, they drank, they laughed, they sang- and all did party hearty-

She gave them birth and nurture;

And guarded their regress-

They've set her on the ice floes now; she's served her usefulness-

Worn and weary and abused, by lives of no remorse;

In her gasping throes she watches as they seek a brighter course.

But know they not; they shall return-

Emerging from this womb, they've rendered in blind ignorance

Into Mankind's own tomb.


The Visit

Rain, rain, rain; thanks to the brand new hurricane,

All it does is rain!

Can't go to the pool, the Mall or the yard;

The muse, who comes calling, resembles the Bard.

I thought you were here- the day just before;

Here you are now; again at my door-

Come in- hang your dripping cloak there on the hook;

And read with me candlelit, from your own book.

Soon pen on paper is scratching away;

As darkness and gloom, rob time from the day.

I look up, and you're gone- drifted in time;

Leaving your legacy- poem and rhyme.

When tears fall from heartache, and rain from the sky;

I'll reckon your knock- as you'll surely drop by.



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