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Holiday Party- Good Times!

December 28, 2016


We got on the ball and planned up the office party; it turned out cool & out of sight- Everyone who was in the know showed up and got in the groove.

The dancing and games were off the hook; the music was off the charts- and everyone there was soon off the wall.

There was food and drink out the yin yang- some friendships arrived up the creek- and some jobs went down the tubes. We all thought Betty had gone round the bend

 when she tried to drink Bill under the table. Fred and Tom got caught in a corner- apparently over the moon-oh well; at least it kept them off the streets & out of the closet.
If you want to stay 

in the loop, you'll take what you saw off the record; and make sure it stays off the books- so stay on your toes and try to control your shocking looks; or Fred- who's the boss, will be on your case & in your face come Monday morning- I think that's hitting below the belt.

Now everyone's left the building- we're on the street & under the weather; running for meds bought over the counter. A good time was had by all- far out- I'm outa here!



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