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Asia Bibi: Seventh Christmas in Prison for Her Christian Faith

Being a Christian can be extremely dangerous, at least in many Islamic countries, such as Pakistan with its blasphemy laws.

One of the best-known victims of these laws is Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother of five little children.

Her ordeal began when she gave some of her co-workers a cup of water.

They were Muslims, and at least some forms of their religion see sharing a drink of water with an infidel (i.e. non-Muslim) as a serious offence.

She was not reticent about her Christian faith. “Our Christ sacrificed his life on Cross for our sins. Our Christ is alive,” she told her Muslim workmates.

Asia Bibi was soon accused of blasphemy. Islamic thinking has no place for a Redeemer or the atonement. Muslims see Jesus as a holy prophet.

God would certainly not let such a holy man die like a criminal.

Convinced that the friendly Christian lady was blaspheming, the Muslim authorities arrested her in June 2009. She was imprisoned in January 2010.

Since then, she has been behind bars, waiting for the death sentence.

While thousands of people have petitioned for her release, this is the seventh Christmas she has to stay in a tiny cell, away from family and friends – all because of her Christian love, faith and convictions.

Do remember her in your prayers.

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Joel Kontinen is an author and translator currently living in Finland. His background includes a BA in Bible and Theology, an MA in translation studies and a n MA in Biblical Studies. He mostly writes about origins issues.


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