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Yes, I Nominated Donald Trump for Presidency Since 2013! But There Was a Small Catch...

I did it! I nominated Donald Trump to become Egypt's president back in 2013 as I was hoping he'd utilize his superior leadership skills to hire the right candidates for key positions. In the meantime, I was so eager to hear Trump shout out loud "You're FIRED!" to former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.

I guess I was the first one to see Trump as a "president material" even before he did!  You may check my thought provokingly funny article below:

Because I LUV Egypt, I Nominate Donald Trump For President!

But enough about me...Anyway, I guess I deserve my share of a "brag" moment after all. 

So aside from my apparent future prediction skills, I firmly believe that the number one reason behind Trump's victory is Obama's disappointing policies both internally and externally. (Still, Trump possesses undeniable qualities that I will dedicate an entire section to discuss.)

Anyway, the presidential race has been going on like a ping pong ball between the democrats and the republicans...

Starting with president Clinton, Americans had put up with one president for an entire 8 years, hoping in vain that he would meet their needs and expectations. So when it was time for a new face, they'd pick a president from the opposite party. It has become a very predictable scenario.

Personally, I'm not sure why did Americans had to wait for 8 years to make the reform even though they could've ended their misery after 4 years! I guess that "Judging a book by its cover" doesn't work when it comes to U.S. presidents.

I was in Canada back in the days when George W. Bush the son was reelected and quite frankly, it was a hair-pulling event to me! (Still, I must admit that the democrat candidate at the time was almost equally unimpressive!)

Let Bygones Be Bygones!...What Does Trump's Victory Mean to Americans?

I most sincerely hope that Trump would live up to his trusting electors' expectations. After all, the man is multi-billionaire and a highly successful businessman so I guess he's capable of giving the U.S. economy a much-needed uplift. 

In addition, I'm optimistic that he'd fulfill his promises to the working class. Fingers crossed...

What Are Some of the Qualities That I Personally Admire About Trump?

It goes without saying that Trump possesses superior leadership skills. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to create thriving businesses. Not only is he capable of cherry-picking the right candidates for key positions, but he’s also capable of motivating them to excel. His massive wealth is a living proof that this man has a vision and knows exactly what he’s doing.

On the other hand, Ivanka Trump is a living example of Trump’s parenting skills. When I saw her at Oprah show back in the days (2004 to 2006ish), more than her glowing confidence, I admired her independence.

She didn’t come across as a spoiled brat who’s walking in her rich dad’s shadow at all! She was her own person…driven and successful. That’s why; I wasn’t a bit surprised when she mentioned that her father only invested in her education. By the end of the interview, I had to give Trump thumbs up as a father.

Trump’s apparent “people skills”, if leveraged wisely, may create a thriving future for the American nation.

What Does Trump's Victory Mean to the Middle East?

In the Middle East, we are well-aware that U.S. has preset policies that every new president must adhere to. In fact, we believe that any president has 5% or less actual decision-making power. 

So, it's not a matter of whether or not such policies MUST be implemented, It's just a matter of "how" and "who" will do it.

That's why; Middle Eastern politicians believe that Trump's talk about canceling the Iranian deal is BOGUS! 

However, we most certainly hope that his Holy mission of getting rid of ISIS would be successful.

Having said that, experts believe that few names would  give us an indication about the "flavor" of Trump's foreign policy:

1- The Foreign Minister

2- The U.S. National Security Advisor

3- The U.S. permanent U.N. member 

4- The Chief of Staff at the White House

Once these names are announced, we may be able to paint a faint portrait of how the preset U.S. foreign policies would look like under Trump's presidency!

I'm not sure why the images of marionette dolls are suddenly popping into my mind! 

"Give'em the old Razzle Dazzle...Razzle Dazzle'em..."

I guess I got carried away with the pessimistic tone...Sorry about that.

Let me end this article on a  high note and say that no matter who the U.S. president  was, is, or will be, yesterday, today or tomorrow, may the odds be ever in the innocent civilians' favor...Amen.

Final Confession

I added the section “What Are Some of the Qualities That I Personally Admire About Trump?” one day after writing the original article.

For one, I decided that I didn’t want the skeptical and sarcastic tone to prevail in this article. Even more importantly, I didn’t want my objectivity to be overshadowed by the fact that I hated Trump’s super-provoking statements about Muslims!

In fact, I was so shocked when I heard him because, throughout my life-changing journey between the East and the West, I suffered firsthand from the overgeneralization “craze!” against Muslims.

As you may know already, Muslim fanatics are killing Muslims in the Middle East. In Sinai, there’s an ongoing war between the Egyptian army and terrorists. On the plus side, I do believe Trump’s statement that he would spare no effort eradicate terrorism from the Middle East. (WITHOUT crossing the redline of the preset U.S. policies for sure.)

I hope that someday, hopefully soon, Trump would apologize for his overgeneralization against Muslims. Until that day comes, I’m proud that nothing overshadows my objectivity. Now, I can sleep at night :)


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