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Our Legacy from the garden of Eden

November 2, 2016

Our Legacy from the garden of Eden



“ She bound her ankles in chains of gold


And danced in the moonlight to the music of the dark one’s flute.


Onlookers thought her crazy.


The cup of venom she laughed as she drank;


From a chalice studded with glittering gems of erotic pleasures.


Blinded by the dark one, who has already seized him, he sees not the antidote within;



Forewarned with the knowledge of his venomous bite-


Her god who moves mountains protects her.”


The archetypes of human nature are metaphors of good and evil that surround and permeate the world in which we live. The duality of these opposites are made manifest in our thoughts and actions here on Earth.


We objectify the part of our nature that is dark in the metaphoric beings we create; witches and warlocks, werewolves and vampires, just to name a few.


These objectified creatures symbolically take from us our body, mind and soul in the form of our lifeblood and mental and emotional passions. By feeding on our light divine self, this dark and ancient aspect can grow to enclose and claim our entire being, and realize its goal to become the only one.


The language and tune of this song of the dark side sings of the steamy erotic thirst of our secluded animal nature. It is a bittersweet torturous song of sensual addictive lust, un-enlightened by the purity of spiritual love.


Though it may pacify in its carnal chocolate richness, it delivers not the nutrients needed to nurture our body and soul, and makes sick the mind with excess.


The garden of Eden story metaphors the wrenching longing and envy for the experience of this forbidden tempting harvest without, which the cast of covetous eyes did reveal; an experience that risked the subversion of our god-like soul within its thorny branches.


We become the place where we dwell the longest.


The dark abyss of our intrinsic nature is easy for us to identify, as it comes so hauntingly natural to the earthly beginnings in which we’ve dwelled for so long. Its call is stronger, closer and more resonate than the more distant finer trills of our original divine nature. It is the tree of earthly life from which by our inherited nature we partake.


The archetype of this dark legacy is represented by the tempting beauty and danger of the snake in its slithering belly-to-earth existence; and takes no forced or dedicated persistence to enjoin- we can slide into it as easily as the snake slides across the earth.


The lightening flicker of the serpent’s tongue and the smooth vibrant beauty of his glowing skin can hold the human spellbound- deceiving his senses to communal warmth, as the camouflage of sensual lust can deceive the senses to all- consuming love.


If we see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, we may, in uninformed ignorance, wander through these treacherous portals unaware; unfamiliar with the dangers lurking among the overhanging branches of this prohibited orchard; teaming with twisted tendrils of sensual pleasures which wrap themselves around the body, sinking the serpent’s poisonous fangs deep into the mind and soul. Without the cross of sacrifice and forgiveness to key the gates, we enter at our own peril.


More often, we posses knowledge of this vulnerable hazard, and yet in foolhardy curiosity, tempt the mysteries of this inherent dark side.


In fantasy of our god-like powers, we seek to re-create the serpent’s true nature- and dare to go where angels, in their prescient experience, no better than to go.


To enter this perilous void unarmed with knowledge aforethought is to invite the forces of its earthly physical energies to feast at the table of our soul.


We must bear the resulting wounds of this epic eternal battle with stoic forbearance; walk softly and carry a big stick. 

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