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October 11, 2016

A lot of people are getting married everyday around the globe while a lot of people are getting divorced almost at the same time in proportion. It has become one of those "make believe" that, that is the single most important thing which is happening at this very moment to the particular people on the planet, be it getting married or getting divorced, the motive for the project is in full force to get it done in due time.

The most recent shocking drama goes to Angelina & Brad Pitt. Of course, this is a big one. The world is watching and it's kind of a time bomb exploded unprepared for the world to accept as the two are top public figures and some other parties may be involved. Period.

One all-time famous veteran actor in the 1960s had some light moment to share. He too, divorced from his wife of over 15 years. They have two grown children. At that time when he found out his wife had a boyfriend and the kids were still 7 and 10, he confessed he was mad and couldn't face it up.

However, though separated, they divided their time up fairly to spend with the kids as parents and not let them feel awkward as a family. As such, the two kids grew up to become successful in real time.

Everything goes with a reason. The couple each found their new love (life) following the divorce particularly the actor. He had multiple partners over the years. There's never a lonely night without one by his side. He enjoyed his life and didn't feel a bit guilty until one encounter a few months ago.

One evening as he was meeting with some friends to have dinner at a restaurant, one of his buddies said to him "you go over that table and say hello to the lady" pointing a direction where tables of male and female diners were seated. Without second thought, this actor just walked over to one table and said a perfunctory "hi, hello." to one of the ladies and returned to his table.

Minutes later, his friend said to him "you said hello to your ex wife?"

"What? my ex wife? where, where..." his embarrassed expression was understood.

His buddy pointing at one table with his finger that indicated a sophisticated woman sitting with a man and both were happily drinking champagne.

"Is that she? I really can't recognise her. Should I now go over to say hello to her?" the poor actor was reacting funnily.

"Not necessary." his buddy stopped him.

The actor later said that he felt terribly sorry and guilty for not being able to recognize his ex wife of over 15 years.

It is such a humorous irony that out of sight really is out of mind.






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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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