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Happy Universal Halloween-

October 2, 2016

Halloween is the time of the year that we've designated to tip our hats to the darker side of life, because we know it is there. And we fear it. Despite all our efforts to bury it in the light of day, we must at times, acknowledge it's existence.

We celebrate our defiance of it in the dark of night; where we think it belongs, and where we wish it would stay, but alas, it's like trying to contain a basket of vipers, which will find an opening through which they can slither out and rear their ugly heads in our lives.


Laughing in the face of our fears, seems to make them less fearful, so we don our leering ugly masks and dance in the ghostly light of the Halloween moon, howling in protest at the dark and cloudy skies.


In our challenge to the fears of darkness, we eat, drink and are merry; allowing our children to gorge on sugary treats, against the fear of them in our everyday lives.


“Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?” We Are.

Because we know that he is capable of devouring us! By donning the mask of our fears, we are better able to control them; to defy death and all it's attending shadows.


Our method of defense lies in our human brains, which have the power to allow us to see what we want to see. From its myriad lifelong files, via the mind, come the pictures we tell it to show us, as we adapt them to any form and object we view- in the nebulae of the universe, as well as here on Earth; pictures which do not actually exist except in our human consciousness.

Now let's tell our brains to show us Halloween pictures in the cloud nebulae of space via the Hubble Space telescope. Screaming zombies, spiders and bats, witches and vampire stars; giant moths, haunted houses in deep dark woods and eyes everywhere watching.

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