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911- What it Was and Should Have been

September 1, 2016

The 1990s in this country were just a short lull before the next horrifying traumatizing event occurred.


Of course, the average American couldn’t have seen it coming. Our media, being more controlled by the government than we could possibly realize, is our only window on the world; we know only what they choose to tell us. It was this dumbfounded average citizen who the government rushed to cosset in the immediate aftermath of 911. Grief counselors and media standing at the ready, geared with soothing and banal consolations, they fervently sought to make us feel calm and safe again- attempting to lull us back into a false sense of security. We should not have been persuaded that we were safe- obviously we were not.




It was this false sense of security that was shattered that day. We were like the homeowner who has purchased an expensive security system and dead bolt locks for the doors; assured by the salesman that our home would be safe and impenetrable, when, alas! the criminals snipped the power lines to the security system, using snippers stolen from our own garage- and simply kicked down the door with their feet- perpetrating a home invasion.


As many wealthy individuals may do, in an effort to expiate the self-crucifying guilt they see reflected in the eyes of the have-nots, we, fulfilling the role of the altruistic charitable greathearted people the world has come to expect and almost demand- nurtured a viper to our breast- this nurturing generosity was repaid with envious malevolent hatred.


In the days and weeks following that infamous day, fatuous rhetoric about forgiveness and healing needed to be put on the back burner- for a later time. Great rage and righteous indignation needed to be the order of the day.


Americans had become a nation of self-absorbed, over-confident, self-indulgent and overly humane self-lovers. We were told that it was only a handful of radical religious nuts- led by a bigger radical religious nut, who had perpetrated this unthinkably horrific act in our own front yard. And that these madmen would be ferreted out and destroyed toot sweet. This sounded all well and good, but nevertheless, notwithstanding the underlying fact that millions of school children in the Middle East were being raised and taught a scornful enmity, a loathing hatred for America, on a daily basis.


These misinformed indoctrinated children are now graduating as we speak, and will be turned loose in the world to do whatever they will with that well-learned hatred.


It seems a dangerous imprudence for us to continue in our former myopia. Continuing rage should nourish our remembrance and water our vigilance. Enemies are enemies- to coddle your enemy is to invite his shaft. I quote T. Roosevelt who stated: “ Walk softly, but carry a big stick.” And I might add- don’t hesitate to use that stick if necessary.









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