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Life Is Like A Millionaire

August 16, 2016

"MONEY often costs so much." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In order to provide a better family life for his wife after their second baby was born, James decided to work harder and smarter so that they could live a happier life. His personal theory and belief is that money is a factor of creating happiness in a sense that no one could disagree with, by all means. Likewise if a man is unable to take care of his family then he would be disapproved of as a failure.

So James would spend most of his time outside on negotiating business and meeting clients incessantly. Over the years, James hardly had a proper meal at home despite living in a charming residence that was purchased merely two years earlier, not to mention spending valuable time with his kids and wife.

At times, in the middle of the night, James would find himself getting unfamiliar with everything especially toward his wife who was asleep like a log beside him. He was like sharing a big cold bed with a stranger he hardly knew, and the body he hardly touched seemed ages and it was far uninviting.

Something expected or unexpected eventually happened. His wife filed for a divorce one day after James returned home from office. James didn't understand why the wife did what she did. Hadn't he done what was important for them all and why did his wife treat him so unloved and uncaring ?

He found no clues. He was devastated. He needed someone to talk things over with. All he could think of was none other than his grandmother who still lived in the childhood cottage. As far as he could remember, grandmother was indeed a kind-hearted person who adored him and used to play card or board games with him when he was a little boy.

After James related his recent family matter to her, surprisingly, grandmother did not say a thing. All she said was "come on,let's play Monopoly, it's your favorite game when you were small. I haven't been playing this game eversince you moved out of town."

James, however, was really not in the mood to play Monopoly at this time and age but since grandmother was so enthusiastic and excited (at seeing him or actually about the game) James had no choice but to play along.

From start, grandmother was in luck. She led the game most of the time. Non-stop buying 'houses', buying "streets" and building the property of her dreams whenever she had a chance. Holding big wads of banknotes in hands that she freely spent as she liked. She was challenging him as well and dragged him into debts yet she was building her own Kingdom successfully in the game and he was the loser and even ended up in Jail twice.

When time's up, grandmother just gathered all her valuables like houses and money and randomly stuffed them carelessly inside the cash box as if all these didn't mean a thing. The game was over anyway.

"Life, is like playing Millionaire. When the game is over, no matter how much money, properties, power you have, all these will return to the original point and will be forgotten sooner than you think." Grandmother was telling James her opinion of life word by word and she said " the only difference between life and monopoly is that when the game is over, nothing remains whereas when a life ends, it remains love."

James realized that he was the one who was to blame for his broken family. He focused on bringing home the bacon yet he forgot to bring home love at the same time.

Sometimes, we humans would rather sacrifice love for money thinking money means love.





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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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