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My Weekend Writing Experiment - Making the World a Better Place

August 6, 2016

Writers write, right?  These days I don’t write very much under my real name as being objectionable can get you shot in some parts.  Most evenings and weekends you’ll find me on message boards and comment sections arguing my positions using pseudonyms.  Ozzy, Tom Paine and Dataguy are my favorites.  The pay isn’t good (zilch!) but it is rewarding to be able to convince someone to recognize a new point of view when previously they had no understanding of it.  I guess it’s been my small way of making the World a better place.

At the end of the day yesterday (Friday) I decided that I didn’t want to spend my weekend in debate.  Instead I posted an offer on Facebook, that if anyone wanted some encouragement, just let me know and I would write what I appreciated about them on their Facebook wall.  The stipulation was that the recipient of my adulation would then be required to pass it on by encouraging someone else.

So far I’ve written about a dozen encouragements, and it’s still Saturday morning.  The feedback I’ve been getting has been tremendous, though.  So far I’ve reconnected with a sister, and Jean and I are planning a short vacation with long-time friends.  I have yet to hear any reports on the results of any of passed-on encouragements, but I’m sure they’re coming.

Today I’m particularly appreciative of the ability to write my thoughts down in a way that others understand.  It’s kind of a super power, if you think about it.  As writers, we have the ability to influence people around the Globe.  Will you use your powers to make the world a better place, or a more divided place?

Writers write, always.  Please tell me your stories of how you make the world a better place with your written words.

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Bruce Horst resides in Houston, Texas with his wife of 30+ years and his youngest son Nick.

His passion is making peoples' lives better through technology, as he works by day as a senior programmer and by night building his Internet of Things.

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