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How the God of Truth Battles the Devil of Illusion

May 27, 2016

This battle is one in which all humans engage on a daily basis throughout their lives.

Illusions appear in all colors, shapes and sizes; and once perceived as devils, the battle will be engaged.

Some battles between these two adversaries are short-lived- inconsequential; they flare up quickly and are just as quickly won; while others can be of epic proportions incurring wounds and consequences that can last a lifetime.

As a rule, we don’t consciously choose illusions; we more or less allow them to fall upon us by not overtly or mentally doing anything to prevent them doing so- we wear blindfolds when we eat that cotton candy. On the other hand, truth is something that we actively choose to consume- to the point that we’ve actually searched it out. At other times, it may have been a gift offered by someone else; or simply the enlightened result of a life event.

Then there are the times that we stumble upon it quite by accident- however we obtain it, we may choose, at this juncture, to take it in replace of illusion. Our ultimate basic instinct is to free ourselves from this cloying web of deception- for although some illusions are made of sturdier stuff than others- they are but gossamer things which may be rent by the sharp sword of truth; if we care to wield it.

Some of us may choose to continue with our illusions- even though they’ve been revealed as such by the blatant face of truth, glaring at them in mockery. Fearing the frigid void they perceive within that truth- they slam the door in its face, as it were, preferring the warmth and falsity of their created haven. And yet, that truth will rap in persistence until at least a crack is opened to allow a shaft of its sunlight entrance.

We must needs seek out the swords of these truths, and carry them at our sides- ready to do battle with the invading army of illusions that constantly threaten our existence in reality. The light of our souls cannot be reflected within the spectral shadows of illusion, but must shine in the sunlight of truth.

One instance of the treaties a man may make, in the battle of truth and illusion:

A man meets a woman whom he can love, and who loves him in return. They seek to share their lives together within this beautiful illusion of Love; under which spell, they may imagine that neither will ever desire another- the illusion is that this desire could never exist, even in subconciousness. This illusion is then cloven asunder by the thrusting sword of truth when one or both make manifest their subconscious desires by cheating on the other. They will then do one of two things- leave the relationship in its entirety, reality, illusions and all, or decide to salvage the vestiges of the illusion, in order to retain the other benefits of said union. In doing the latter, they have, in effect, made a bargain or treaty with the devil of that illusion. And as we know, the devil will always attempt to have his due- and we will attempt to cheat him of it.

The accouterments of battle that we’ll need to wage war against this devil, are the sword of truth and the armor of humility, forgiveness, and charity- coupled with the shield of flexibility and perseverance. The winning of redemption for past events can bring liberation to both parties.

To bide too long within this web of illusion, is to only imagine our success; and to imagine that it was granted to us free gratis-for humans are ever desirous to win what they think are the free lotteries of life- money, fame, love and happiness, and guided by the false directions of our society- will continue to purchase the tickets to this lottery of illusions, notwithstanding that it drains the pocketbooks of our reality every day.

And so we come full circle to the necessity for balance. We need the illusions for respite- yet we cannot allow them to overtake our garden. We do not up-root the hedges of illusion, but merely cut them back when necessary- for we’ll require them to grow again in succor of shade. Is illusion then friend, devil or foe? Illusion becomes our friend only when it holds the sword of truth in its hand. To allow it to over much flourish, will incur the danger of defeat, capture and occupation of the land of our reality.

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