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April 8, 2016
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Marijuana Civil Rights: NYPD and Federal Interdiction Supervisors In New York City 

by Paul Schroeder


  "Counter Current News

Tuesday, March 29, 2016)

"Ex NYPD Cop Admits ‘We Planted Evidence, Framed Innocent People’ All For Arrest Quotas"


It’s not your imagination:

the New York Police Department has been planting evidence and framing innocent people all in order to meet arrest quotas."

"This comes as an a former New York City narcotics detective, Stephen Anderson, testified in court that the NYPD routinely plants drugs on innocent people."

"He described this as a “common practice,” a “quick and easy” way for officers to reach arrest quotas.

The practice is known among NYPD cops as “flaking.”

Anderson was busted, along with four other officers, “flaking” four men in Queens back in 2008.

He has cooperated with prosecutors, and is admitting that far from a few “bad apples,” this is the modus operandi of the NYPD."

“It was something I was seeing a lot of, whether it was from supervisors or undercover and even investigators,” Anderson testified.

“It’s almost like you have no emotion with it, that they attach the bodies to it, they’re going to be out of jail tomorrow anyway; nothing is going to happen to them anyway.”

The NYPD arrested over 50,000 people last year for low-level marijuana offenses.

As it turns out 86% of them are African American and Latino."

(Article by Moreh B.D.K)."


'Bullies, with a badge', plainclothes cops,  who  smoke pot with impunity in patrol cars, nonetheless arrest tens of thousands of small time New York City marijuana users, for marijuana possession of  small amounts,  which has New York City jails filled with people, mostly of color, who couldn't afford to make bail.

"Innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law", is a functional constitutional farce, because incarceration's punishment, occurs long before any trial.

NYPD, with Patriot Act equipment, coordinates criminal 'investigations', of low-level users with new tactics of car bugging, electronic surveillance through one's television set into one's home, and phone tap bugging.

Bugging one's phone is one thing, but bugging one's vulnerable television overhears family, sexual and highly personal information, not merely a violation of section 3 of Federal law prohibiting electronic surveillance, but a lack of decency on the part of NYPD and U.S. Interdiction Supervisors.

Federal Interdiction agents and local cops descend to crush citizens later arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana.

D.E.A. and Homeland Security agents stakeout a small time marijuana user and investigate for as long as they like, seeking through  successive busts, to climb the drug ladder to the larger suppliers.

"Unreasonable search and seizure", is moot, because the common tactic of "no -knock searches for drugs", after the smell of marijuana issues from a house and is detected is the functioning concept of law enforcement..

Which makes the fourth amendment a Constitutional heirloom of the past in NYC; without warrants, a small amount of marijuana suspected within, justifies a ruined premises where cops can turn your house and life upside down in a search.

They pocket  possessions, cash and threaten to move to seize property, unless the arrested pot user becomes an "Confidential Informant".


  A New York Big Brother, fed by Patriot Act fervor.

Marijuana laws, and NYPD tactics as they stand, allow an unacceptable flagrant abuse of New York City's citizens' rights, using C.I.A. tactics and equipment, housed in local New York City police precincts.

Citizens , under 'stop and frisk' are 'flaked' , totally innocent people arrested and put through the system to find that their lives are turned upside down.

Complain that you're innocent and you will long languish in jail.

But you're told at Central Booking: "Plead guilty and you'll soon be released."

Many  teens, and persons of color, foolish enough to be rude to an NYPD officer is "flaked", the NYPD cops' expression for planting drugs on innocent people, who are arrested and booked for "possession", by NYPD, in bidding retribution.

"Those who plead,"guilty", are released sooner", is what many of these innocent victims of NYPD's,"flaking" are told, in Central Booking.

NYPD is a monster unto itself; to quote the New York Times:

"...the NYPD has also gained another, more insidious reputation in recent years for what many regard as an unprecedented challenge to privacy and civil liberties in America and what others regard as overreach internationally.

In addition to managing a vast international intelligence infrastructure with officers stationed in at least a dozen posts around the world, some believe the NYPD has made a deliberate effort to avoid federal oversight by not participating in the Department of Homeland Security's national Fusion Center effort, which would open the department's surveillance programs to greater scrutiny and legal challenges."


"Federal law enforcement and homeland security officials are raising concerns that New York's finest have become a de facto federal agency without the oversight."

"The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice recognized and supported 72 fusion centers, where data is gathered, although only about 35 are fully staffed and equipped."

"But New York City and its police department have never been a part of the national fusion center effort, and as a result, have not been subjected to the same privacy and civil liberties policy requirements that in large part dictate funding eligibility for other states and cities around the country."

"The result, according to officials and experts familiar with the inner workings of counter terrorism information sharing, has been an NYPD domestic surveillance initiative that has collected information on American citizens without probable cause and stored that information in computers and databases that are subjected to little or no legal oversight."

The NY Times, continues: "A federal official involved in counter terrorism information sharing, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said at the senior management level, the NYPD is a "completely different animal" than law enforcement departments in any other city in America when it comes to their activities and their often heavy-handed influence over the homeland security apparatus."


"They're bullies" the way they operate, the official said, noting that the NYPD finds support among a multitude of former New York police officers who now serve in various homeland security roles throughout the federal government."

"As long as I've been involved in homeland security, the NYPD has had exemptions," said the official, who has served in the federal government since well before the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

"They've gone beyond community policing."


They're really another federal agency."

(New York Times article)


California's budget crises forced its now Governor to save considerable expenditures of state money by changing arrest laws and criminal laws for minor marijuana possession to less than a traffic ticket for possession of under an ounce..

Washington D.C. has decriminalized possession.

But New York's NYPD, still arrests, tries and incarcerates tens of thousands of New Yorkers offenders, for small amounts of marijuana.

It costs the State and Federal governments a fortune in police arrests, courts costs and jail expenses, that unnecessarily waste resources in an already diminished budget..

The jails of New York City and state are filled to the brim with people arrested for small amounts of pot, many of who could also not make bail.

Black and Latino minority arrests make up the predominance of this growing roster of pot busts for small amounts of marijuana, arrests that end up draining our resources..

The courtrooms and  their calendars are choked with the sheer volume of such low-level arrests.

With the common practice of 'flaking', dishonor and soon apathy go hand-in-hand,  with N.Y.P.D.

Are there no Federal champions of law who can intercede?


Tens of thousands of small pot busts in NYC financially support police and DEA budgets by subsequent seizures and confiscations of people's vehicles, in what should have been a seemingly small criminal offense or no offense, according to current California, Washington D.C. , Colorado and Oregon law, and this tyranny ruins lives and families.

. The majority of these small 'busts' often require extensive weeks or months of police stakeouts, and these investigations reap police an overtime pay that adds up to expenditures monumentally costly to local, state and federal government.

It's a very easy living for cops.

City police made over 80,000 arrests in 2014 for the crime of marijuana possession in public, according to statistics from the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services and analyzed by Queens College sociologist Harry Levine.

New York city police made 60,383 lowest level marijuana possession arrests [NY State Penal Law 221.10] involving cases where marijuana was either used or possessed in public.

The total is the second highest in the city's history and is an increase of over 5,000 percent from 1990, when police reported fewer than 1,000 low-level pot arrests.

Marijuana offenses now comprise 25 percent of all arrests made in New York City.

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, "Almost 70 percent of those arrested [were] younger than 30 years old. Eighty-six percent of those arrested [were] Black or Latino, even though research consistently shows that young whites use marijuana at higher rates."

Since 2002, New York City police have made more than 350,000 arrests for low-level marijuana offenses.


A 2008 study released by the New York Civil Liberties Union estimated that marijuana arrests in New York City cost taxpayers between $50 million and $90 million annually.

We face a budget reality; legislators can remedy a crisis of trampled civil rights and in so doing greatly assist currently crippled budgets.

In 2015, alone, more than 50,000 arrests for small amounts of marijuana took place "that fell from suspect's pockets while fleeing", a common entry, by police.

Pot defendants for under an ounce are hunted like terrorists, counterfeiters, rapists or foreign nationals , with precisely the same technology.

City and State prosecution costs add up for courts, lawyers, jails and police, for small amounts of marijuana, with citizens' rights systemically  trampled.

New York state and NYPD must follow California's, D.C.'s, Colorado's and Oregon's footsteps, in a progressive and enlightened step towards balancing failed budgets and a enlightened step towards improving trod upon civil rights.

But, there's a harsh truth, to face:

In the meantime, while NYPD and U.S. Interdiction Supervisors, use Big Brother C.I.A. tactics in New York City to hunt for marijuana users , nobody is watching these 'watchers', who specialize in unconstitutional spying.



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