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Love Is Not Blind Anymore

February 13, 2016

EARLIER on, a news report I read on my cellphone stirred up my adrenaline thus this story is here for you to ponder and discuss if you want to.

To kick start the celebration of the Chinese New Year, every home will prepare a big dinner on the Eve of the CNY as a reunion dinner for all those who are back working far away from home to gather together and enjoy a hearty festival feast with the family. This dinner is considered very important to most of the Chinese people who believe the happiest moment is when everyone can sit together and eat as a whole family after a long year of absence of some. Of course, the son can bring home his girlfriend or the daughter can bring along her boyfriend if that is the case that both people are in a loving relationship. 

However, a 27 year-old woman from China encountered something out of her expectation when she traveled with her boyfriend of one year to his place of origin on the Eve of CNY only to end up almost throwing up (food) what she described was disgusting and unacceptable to her taste etc etc.

We can see a shabby wooden table and chopsticks humbly spread on one side with several dish plates of meat and vegeatbles that appeared not too pleasing to the eyes and to the mouth.

She wrote about the dishes: This is what was put on the table for us to eat when we arrived today and that caused her packing back to Shanghai by the next train fleeing out of the village of her boyfriend's house without second thoughts.

Prior to this, the woman mentioned that they both work in Shanghai and the boy is a good-looking guy, diligent and caring for her. She herself came from a well-off family and has never suffered any money problem all her life,  and she is not willing to when she would marry in future.

So, after seeing her boyfriend's sorrowful family background, she dumped him abruptly, without the least remorse or any sweet memory of their relationship. 

Time has changed, definitely. Money comes far more important than love.  We hardly see a rich girl falling in love head over heels with a poor guy these days. Not even in movies. Our grandmother's time was common to marry someone who had nothing but a heart of gold and from there, they made life bountifully.

Love is not blind anymore. That is an old song no one is singing it. This is a reality show. The eyes are the cruel scanner. This is sad as it is humiliating and downgrading to the morale of the many.

There are some pro and con comments left by the netizens.

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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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