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A Thought This Year

January 10, 2016

2016 has openly taken over 2015 in its due course, without a jiffy's hesitation. I have not the least of any new year's resolution in my bucket list while having fun. There were relatives coming over from the west and the east for Christmas and the new year's. Besides the unstoppable dining out and other occasion for kids to go swimming at their hotel pool, the adults were also having too much to chat and too much to drink as a new chapter to welcome the new year.

However, there must be time to say goodbye in due course. The sunny vacation eventually ended. Another daunting task soon to arrive.

The first day of school for my 7 years old granddaughter started on the 4th of January, 2016. After spending 3 sweet and innocent years in kindergarten, this is something entirely different for her. Seriously, even I find it terribly difficult  coping to have to get up at 5.40am and leave home before 6.15am to beat the  traffic. Of course, we are not always so capable of sticking to the time as set but my daughter tries to follow her schedule to not be late as 7am begins  with self-reading in class. Luckily the first week is informal and parents are allowed to stay with their kids till the bell rings. Many of them gather at the canteen to have a drink or food to kill the time.

On her second day and the morning was still dark, she was sluggish from her deep sleep and said sleepily " why Am I going to school at night?" Her mother said ' it's too early the sun has not come up yet."

Now comes the question of teaching her how to use money correctly when she goes to the canteen some day. She is still reluctant to do so the first week we can understand her. But slowly, she has to go to the canteen when it's recess or when she is hungry or when she rejects to bring her lunch-box. We need to teach her to recognize the amount of money for something she wants to buy in a proper way and not get cheated. Be smart.

I remembered when my daughter used rm5 to buy a pack of crackers that cost 50 cents, she never got back the remaining rm4.50 from the school canteen. She was 7 that year. Now, I have to stop her from spending too much money whenever we go to the mall.  She loves shopping.

We joke. We desperately encourage the young kid to be able to buy and pay on her own and in no time, we will desperately want her to stop buying and paying. This is a life cycle lesson. It is a matter of time. A human nature. An ongoing event.

The relatives had finally gone back home to find the weather unbelievably cold and frozen like -6 degree. They said they already missed Malaysia's sunny beach and warm people. No wonder when we brought the kids to swim with suntan lotion, they said oh no, it's lovely weather we love it.

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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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