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December 6, 2015

NOT once, but several times this year, I found myself in bewilderment while hanging out our clothes after washed. The semi auto machine helps with the drying as the final spin though all clothes are never fully dry like a dryer's function. I still need to rely on the clothes stand to hang out the clothes in hangers respectively namely small size hangers for the two year-old, medium size hangers for the 7 year-old and so forth.

As I started sorting out the heap of clothes, put in on everyone's designated hangers as usual, a little confusion arose as I discovered that most of the hangers belonged to my 7 years old granddaughter were getting slightly unfit for her clothes. What has happened to the pinkish hangers suddenly?

I even took a closer look in case the hangers might have shrunk unknowingly. It seemed to me they were rather small lately.

Until recently, I came to my senses. Back dated to 5 years ago when my granddaughter was only 2, we bought the toddler-hangers to hang most of her clothes and t-shirts. None of the hangers ever got broken or torn or missing that's the reason they're still in use to this day.

Now, she is 7. I forgot that most of her dresses and t-shirts are no longer fit  with the toddler-hangers. The sizes of her clothes are no longer the same as before. How could I not figure that out sooner than I could?

Every so often, her mother would shower her with new and trendy dresses but  it never occurs to her it's aptly to also replace her with new hangers at the same time.

Clothes and hangers. I almost played a blame game !


BEING 60, being forgetful. It's my husband I am talking about.

After the ping pong ball game, he rushed home. Hastily he took his bath and ate some snack. Our granddaughter was already quite impatient yet excited to be going to the park where her few playmates were also expecting her.

It has become like routine. No matter how busy or at times inconvenient to him, my husband doesn't mutter a word but drives her out to the playground some hundred yards away so she could spend some fun time playing with her friends.

That Saturday evening, my husband forgot all about his bunch of car/house keys that was in his pocket after returning from the park. Towards midnight, he wanted to lock the car before retiring. But he could not find his keys altogether.

He searched frantically around every possible place, hook and cars and bedroom and toilet but to no avail. The whole bunch of keys was still nowhere to be seen.

The fact was, I had earlier on dumped his set of clothes into the laundry basket to be washed the next day.  Hopelessly, some suggested the last spot was to search the basket.

But prior to this, he was trying to accuse just anyone that we were careless, not organized with stuff etc etc. But he forgot that he has become rather forgetful himself lately. 

I have always been the one to dig the dirt out eventually.

The keys were finally retrieved from the basket, intact. Incidents like this happen on and off on a given day.

However, we almost always end up laughing out loud after each hidden mystery solved. My husband says it is fun to be towards Alzehimer's because everyday is a new day with every happening going on that looks new and exciting.

Some say it's good to be forgetful especially if you can't remember the past.

I kind of not agree, anyway. Perhaps, more to expect in the near future.

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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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