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October 16, 2015
alien / demonic attachment

by Paul Schroeder


As a budding psychic, spiritual experiences, untoward and impish, prevail.


By stumbling around in the darkness, I came across UFOs and then poltergeist phenomenon, and an unseen world blossomed like the stench of a tropical flower.

Not yet able to ground myself, I often find at dusk and nighttime that I'm inundated by unseen gate-crashers, my energies jumped upon by negative- thought- beings of many ilks, who like unerring persistent yellow-jacket-wasps, at a can of cola, on a picnic table, worry at me.

The problem in fighting Jinns, aliens, demons, is that they do not hold the same religious functioning concepts as we do which makes most religious defenses moot .

How do I go about differentiating them?

Reptilians come on like gang-busters, very sharply burning one's skin where attachments are made, while demonics drape one,  from behind, with overhanging 'buzzing' touches felt on both arms, simultaneously, for they hang onto one's back, to ride one, like a horse.

Earthbound human spirits,  will most generally touch only one arm.

After a stunningly unpleasant inter-dimensional reptilian 'encounter', I was forever more than  aware of their unseen inter-dimensional existence and diabolical brilliance.


Afterwards, I was loathe to 'ask' within, for psychic insights, warily no longer eager to 'receive', or to trust ANY internal daydream-like images.

Reptilian aliens searing psychic attacks were THAT insidious.

The stench of ignorance concerning the presence of aliens and their involvement in mankind's history persists.

But then it never comes down to a discussion of alien tactics and motives, because only the mere presence of such craft in our skies, is ever discussed.

It must be an alien-Jedi--mind-trick, and one wonders if there is intelligent life , on Earth.

Human evil, is inspired (breathed into) by dark force entities, who long ago supplanted the internal whispering of a mind, to instead  insinuate it's own dark whispers, from childhood to adulthood, a facsimile of human consciousness,  whispers  within, from a predator of consciousness, itself.

The human victim responds to such negative thought entity's whispers, having from childhood, long surrendered  its own whispering, to wrongly assume that such 'outside'  dark whispers, are indeed their own.

Many victims assume, in secret angst, that such dark whispers surely mean that they are mentally ill.

The spiritual truth is down a long hall and somewhere else.

One under such demonic attack would suffer panic attacks  and imposed, broadcasted nightmares.

I have learned an  invaluable spiritual insight from demonic encounters: encounters: panic/anxiety attacks are the soul's natural reaction, a  spiritual knee-jerk-kick, to severe psychic intrusion.

Sudden panic attacks or slowly mounting free floating anxiety, only means that 'something', an entity unseen prying and opportunistic, has entered your energies, to peek within.

That's why psychics, mediums and sensitives wrestle with spates of horrid anxiety.

Fears and phobias, by contrast  focus on specific fear targets: heights, dogs, insects, public speaking, sight of blood, closed spaces, social situations, darkness, and are situation specific.

 Free-floating anxiety, and panic, is quite different and therapists don't have a glimmer how

 to offer relief to tens of millions who suffer from free-floating anxiety attacks, who  relegate this spiritual truth, to a psychological issue that requires medication and analysis.

This assertion can be tested, simply:

One who experiences anxiety, a panic attack onset, can order it, away, like a fly at one's mustache:

" LEAVE, in the name of God!"

The powerful anxiety will abate immediately, to then re-surge again, as the entity responds initially to withdraw,  and floats in again.


and again panic/ terror abates and diminishes, but the creature's nature is  stubborn, and predatory,  so anxiety levels will climb again.


Repeat the procedure, but now, with stronger insistence and with more anger.

Anxiety will abate, for a longer time, immediately.

Again, a wave of free floating anxiety will reestablish a foothold, anew, as the small dark alien, a demon, a human earthbound sinister spirit or a juvenile reptilian's intrusion approaches within your energies, yet again.

The more that it is ordered away, in the name of a spiritual assertion, the less it persists and occurs.

One's longitudinal approach to any self-defense must be a spiritual one, and not a physical one.

For defenses to  fully flare, one must recognize that one is not a person having troubled spiritual problems, but instead an eternal soul having troubling human experiences.

From the stance of self-recognition as an eternal spirit, one can then insist on "one's own space', as a spiritual fruition, rather than a physical assertion.


A Panic attack is not the disease, but a symptom.

The disease is an unclean, unseen entity, and part of the problem is that phantoms fill the air around us.

Only psychics would have ever guessed that panic attacks, are psychic/telepathic intrusions, astral hitchhiking, by reptilian aliens and by demonics, like shadow-people.

Such panic attacks eat away at the body's immune system response  to later cause harm to the mind and spirit .

More so, for ghost-hunters, is the exposure to the unsuspected hazards of illness, infections, depression, anxiety attacks, energy loss, temper explosions, cravings and poor mental health, caused by disturbed earthbound spirits and demonics, who attach to one / follow one home, from badly haunted encounters.

Seeking out such moments, by 'hunting' dark spirits is putting one's head into a dirty toilet, and flushing it, thinking : "Shampoo!"

Like yellow jacket wasps at a picnic can of cola, negative-thought-entities are unerring, persistent and sinister.

This psychic evidence reveals that

compulsive, obsessive worry, is  telepathically broadcast into one, as spiritual intrusion, and also is not simply a psychological dysfunction.

The chief goal of the Darkness, is to extinguish Light, in any form, so

those who strive to profess goodness and Godliness come under attack, goaded with  psychic, emotional manipulations towards 'wrongness', and temptation,

a battle, a global macrocosm, and a battle within each individual, as a microcosm.

Psychic hypersensitives' best defense against such  predators of consciousness,  is to visualize an electric purple light around one, in every direction; this color is most effective metaphysics, a fighting fire with fire.

The more time spent visualizing this protective light, the more effective it becomes.

"Seeing" electric-violet 'around one' successfully repels stronger types- reptilians, small dark grey aliens and demons- who cannot long endure purple's -visualized around one-high frequencies.

With practice, this visualized technique wins out in any short-lived pitched battle against beings diabolically brilliant, insistent and predatory.

Practice this metaphysical- sure-fire defense: _

Visualize the whole house or the room suddenly ablaze in an electric purple fire where flames flare from the center of the room, to climb the walls, and encompass the whole room to burn everything, including your body, which in ashes, fall to the floor.

.At that moment, a dark entity, seeking to be " attached", stands alone, astrally apart from one's energies, and unprotected, and that wash of electric purple fire, will act as a cleansing, withering force against dark force entities.

Electric purple light repels Dark force Entities who seek to make astral connections and whose peering within, causes your soul to react  with wild panic and anxiety, signature intrusion symptoms.

And you have dodged medications, silly psychological prattle and worse, banal analysis, and have found a rare spiritual truth: that when it comes to  panic attacks, truly, God helps those, who help themselves, with


Applied metaphysics:

Sit in a comfortable chair.

Put your feet flat on the ground and close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths to calm down and center yourself.

With your eyes closed, visualize your self standing straight and tall.

Now see yourself holding a large sword that emits a vibrant blue flame. Feel it. Sense the energy that comes out of it.

This is your Cosmic Sword. Breathe in its power. See it. Hear it. Own it. When you feel as though you own it, say this :

"I deserve to receive and use this Cosmic sword." "It is my birthright as a Sovereign Soul in Oneness with (your name). I AM the Cosmic Sword!"

Take another deep breath and center all your power and love within you in your heart. Keep repeating the statement as many times as you need until you know that you own it.

Now you have to sever the cords that these beings have on you. Visualize your body first with black ropy cords attaching you to these beings.

Then repeat as you visualize yourself cutting the cords above, below, side-to-side, and front and back. Also state, "All 'cutting', is instantaneous and interdimensional." "I use my Cosmic Sword to cut my cords of connection with dark force entities."

" I cut all connections made to my energies by dark force entities by images projected into my mind, during dreamstate." "I cut these cords mentally. I cut these cords physically. I cut these cords emotionally and intellectually" "I cut these cords sexually.

I cut these cords spiritually. I cut these cords karmically. I cut these cords multi dimensionally." "I cut these cords in all my lifetimes past, present, and future. I cut these cords simultaneously and instantaneously from all agreements and contracts, known and unknown, with dark force entities and aliens".

"The totality of my soul is free from dark force entities. " "I declare (your full name) free from dark entities and aliens".

You may need to sever the cords of connection many times before they remain cut and are completely disengaged. Do not give up. This process may need to be done over the course of a few days or weeks after awakening from nightmares or panic attacks.

More defenses exist within my articles:







"We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us." -Terrence McKenna [from a lecture] 

"A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing and invisible entities as well as phenomena like poltergeist [ghost] manifestation and 'possession.' Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena." - Lynn E. Catoe, UFOs and Related Subjects: USGPO, 1969; prepared under AFOSR Project Order 67-0002 and 68-0003

"UFO behaviour is more akin to magic than to physics as we know it... the modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical." -Dr. Pierre Guerin, FSR Vol. 25, No. 1, p. 13-14 "The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon..." - John A. Keel, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, p. 299

"I became entirely given over to extreme dread. The fear was so powerful that it seemed to make my personality completely evaporate... 'Whitley' ceased to exist. What was left was a body and a state of raw fear so great that it swept about me like a thick, suffocating curtain, turning paralysis into a condition that seemed close to death...I died and a wild animal appeared in my place." - Whitley Streiber, Communion, p. 25-26

"Increasingly I felt as if I were entering a struggle that might even be more than life and death. It might be a struggle for my soul, my essence, or whatever part of me might have reference to the eternal. There are worse things than death, I suspected... so far the word demon had never been spoken among the scientists and doctors who were working with me...Alone at night I worried about the legendary cunning of demons ...At the very least I was going stark, raving mad." - Whitley Streiber, Transformation, p. 44-45

"I wondered if I might not be in the grip of demons, if they were not making me suffer for their own purposes, or simply for their enjoyment." - Whitley Streiber, Transformation, p. 172

"I felt an absolutely indescribable sense of menace. It was hell on earth to be there [in the presence of the entities], and yet I couldn't move, couldn't cry out, couldn't get away. I'd lay as still as death, suffering inner agonies. Whatever was there seemed so monstrously ugly, so filthy and dark and sinister. Of course they were demons. They had to be. And they were here and I couldn't get away." - Whitley Streiber, Transformation, p. 181




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