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September 29, 2015

I just want to submit a new article every time I see there is barely one. Today is no different than yesterday. Paul and Ivan have contributed fairly on a regular basis and Jack too, writes one or two in a month. I haven't read anything new from Marlin this month. Jennifer and Patricia,  where are you?

On the whole, I have always been pretty tied down both by work and people. People who are around me, young and old, or those that's quite far away from me. The assignment can be a heavy load and this bothers my mindset and eats away my energy and mentality. However, I manage it okay and life goes on.

A week ago, our alma mater organized a reunion after 40 years (although this wasn't the first time a gather-together event happened, we did have a few times such meetup at random, decades ago, which was considered more of an open-to-all years students gathering. Basically, such reunion would normally get people disoriented.  One might say, they're not our year and the unfamiliar faces make one feel a bit far-fetched, confused and alienated or even uncomfortable by the disparity of 5 to 30 years, in age, time and the like. A big generation gap.

This time wasn't like that. It was meant to be for the two classes of 1974 only.

I knew I wasn't able to make it to the function in another town mainly because my overseas daughter was returning to Malaysia on the same day on a week's visit. As a mother, it wasn't appropriate should I go on with my entertainment and enjoyed myself elsewhere leaving her unaccompanied though it wasn't a big deal but she comes home merely once or twice a year, I find no resaon for an excuse to go ahead with the alumna. my daughter should come first as usual.

A close pal kept me constantly connected with every little move that's happening out there. Video clips, snapshots, food that they ate, places that they revisited (school as well) party dinner etc. I could see everyone was truly enjoying themselves and having as much fun as possible. Dancing, singing and laughing. Even the fierce-like-a-tigress Principal was there all smiling. She looks so gentle and kind, not a bit fierce anymore but still as fit as a fiddle, mind you.

I am shocked at something I did 40 years ago. Was it out of wit or something ? Let me elaborate.

As expected, most of us have grown to an extent whereby some may remain slightly just the way they were, yet for some others, time indeed is cruel and merciless. Please introduce yourself to avoid embarrassment. (lol)

No one expects to know who you are or the other way around after a lapse of 40 years. My close pal sent me a note. "do you have a class photo of 1974? No one seems to have one for the slideshow tonight."

I typed on the spot " not sure if I can dig one out from the closet. Will try and get back to you asap."

I rushed to the storeroom that keeps multiple items, pulled out boxes after boxes to find where the photo albums were kept. After much blood and sweat, I  managed to locate the faded yellowish photo of our class of 1974. Original copy. 

I took a closer look, majority of the girls and each teacher were still recognizable to me and except for the selected few, their names are no strangers, but the rest, no names to recall. 

Frustrated, I flipped over the photo header which was pasted loosely on a hard piece of card, the space in the hard paper behind the photo, were all names specifically written. BINGO!

One in a million. I immediately sent the pic over to my pal. The mystery of who you really are finally resolved, black and white.

This was just a part of my humble contribution to the alumna, in my absence.

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Hilda Cang is an amateur writer. She enjoys literature and music. Married with two grown daughters, she writes mostly humoristic real life experiences and other short stories.

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