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September 13, 2015
alien / demonic attachment

Alien_blinks.gif - (15K)by Paul Schroeder




I lend my crooked back, to the wheel of light, to assist those, unable to understand...



Telepathic attacks, replete with panic attacks, nightmares and negative ideation, by Draco reptilian aliens, are almost indistinguishable, from demonic psychic attacks, except in their initial approach tactics.

 Reptilian aliens, appear demonic, because they are more prone to demonic possession than humans; repeated interdimensional transits expose them more to demons and devils, and make reptilians more vulnerable to demons sticky energies..

Demons and Draco reptilians both project vivid nightmare scenario constructs onto the movie-screen of the human mind, and both make attempts at possession,

except that demons differ in their initial telepathic approach: a series of kaleidoscopic, dazzling,dancing animated cartoon graphics, are projected within the mind's eye, just before light sleep.

A demon seems as psychically odd, as an octopus, with its three, separate marine- aquatic brains in telepathing a

dancing animated series of cartoon images, which start with one's eyes barely closed, in a telepathic effort to fascinate, and keep awake, a human mind.

And after many such sleepless nights, a demon weakens one's natural energy defenses enough, to allow it to clamber aboard.

Children are  most vulnerable to such nighttime, bedroom inner eye fascinations from demons, which keeps them awake and in a trance.


  For demons, much like tigers and lions, find the youngest victims to be the easiest targets.


Demons, easier to dispel than reptilians ,  will often vanish with a direct and abrupt command, to do so,  detected by a seasoned mind, familiar with their cartoon animated attack process.

Reptilians have astonishing UFO technology options, unlike demons.

Medusa Head

 The Dark Side's multi-tiered organization, is an amalgam of sinister human Earthbound spirits, shadow people,  Draco reptilian aliens, small dark greys, demons, powerful- bull-like enforcers, and diabolical, classically tailed devils, in astonishingly brilliant red hues .

 Like predatory wolves, the dark side seeks the  youngest, weakest and easiest to hunt, thus

children's night terrors, represent  symptoms, and  not the disease, itself.

Possessed children exhibit pyromania, compulsive theft, fecal play and obsessive lying.

Human evil and violence,  is surely inspired (breathed into) by dark force entities, who  beginning from human childhood, supplant and replace the internal whisperings of the human mind.

  Such unseen creatures inject their own dark whispers, a facsimile masquerade of human consciousness, in a partial possession, which in many people, is far more common than surmised.

Wrongful societal training, that our minds are private and sacrosanct, within our skulls, encourages the dark side's efforts.

The victim's human mind ultimately responds well to evil suggestions because the victim long ago surrenders and relinquishes its own whisperings, to the ear-worm demonic's whispers to wrongly assume that  dark whispers, are indeed, strictly their own.

We have never as children been taught that the human mind is in truth part of the quantum physics of the Universe, able to receive and able to transmit.

 Partially, semi-possessed people, shocked with what their minds will often dictate, have long secretly assumed themselves, mentally ill.

Another common tactic of

dark force entities  is to subliminally encourage an unknowing partially possessed victim to engage in, psychically nudge one towards sexual self-pleasuring,

to feast ethereally, from that very high energy.

  To those under such attack, self-pleasuring sexual inklings that repeatedly surface, not remotely tied to previous thought, come from outside of  the victim's own psyche,

 a strikingly common 'suggestion ' tactic that many dark force entities employ, to feast ethereally.

Telepathic attack, projected in nightmares is another signature symptom of the presence of a diabolical sinister, malevolent E.T./ demonics and earth-bound shadow person.

There are remarkably few, who truly understand that nightmares are imposed, from outside the human mind and projected into it, because

Freud and Jung set us and psychology back at least a hundred years with wrong assumptions of universal dream symbols , for there are no such things.Alien_blinks.gif - (15K)

Nightmares, as Scrooge pondered, have little to do with moon phases, undigested gruel, late eaten food, or secret messages from one's subconscious Id.


Dreams, the pictures that one sees on the back of one's eyelids, are most often souvenirs of myriad dimensions, from angelic to demonic, that our restless spirit wanders to, during sleep.

Nightmares, instead of originating within the mind, are imposed, broadcasted into the human psyche, during dream-state, a creature- imposed phantasm  completely different in all aspects from what we normally call 'dreams', in that such images are festooned to cause trauma and to make energy connections to us, from Dark Force Entities.


Medusa Head


 The movie, "The Exorcist" was quite accurate in its portrayal of an attack on a child


to reveal that singular face of evil that surfaces upon the victim's face:  a leering, cunning and  brilliantly diabolical dis-corporate intelligence.

Shakespeare said, "There is no art to see the mind's construction, on the face", but under demonic possession, it is most evident and startling.

Facial muscles distort,  darker eye color sets in,  hateful utterances from the possessed, present exorcists with a lolling, sinister, encompassing predator   intelligence, which now sits upon the victim's seat of human consciousness.

What can a demon do, towards self defense, during exorcisms?

Negative ideations of  sexually depraved nature, such as murdering and  having sex with children, and even more

 horrific scenarios, are telepathically broadcasted into the circle of  minds attending  a healing,  psychic attacks designed to shake loose any Holy intent, to disorient  and to upset any  focus.

Knocks at doors and telephone calls occur with no one evident at the other end.

 Smells of sickening stench issue forth from everywhere and  from nowhere.

Negative miracles manifest.Medusa Head

 I  attended an exorcism, and after the priest left,

a  tree trunk fell from a tree's height, to barely miss that priest, an afterword  attack by an especially virulent entity, in an

 alarming  manifestation.

 Priests,  bishops and the victim's families  encounter a hellish demonic within  a possessed child's face, a grinning pleasure, the demon derives, from its horror to

terrify, those joined together to fight that demonic possession.

Such demonic and alien nighttime bedroom intruders, are quite common.

Whenever I had sensed , sinking towards sleep, a demonic intruder, who  filled my mind with bizarre series of animated cartoon imagery, I had opened my mind towards it, and I had then received images of skull and crossbones, which I interpreted to mean, a threat of death.

Spirits, discorporate intelligences, and phantoms fill the air, around us.

 Since children are special targets,

what can a parent to do, to protect a child, beset with  demonic nightmares, night terrors and insomnia?Medusa Head


Children who admit to hearing voices are also victims of medical science, too young and powerless  to refuse being medicated by ignorant and fearful physicians  who are able only to think : "schizophrenia"...


If you or someone you know, has a child at the epicenter of paranormal experiences , temporarily remove  the child from the house to a friend's or relative's house, to confirm that it's the 'haunted child", and not the 'haunted house' which is the problem's source and focus.


 Be sure that the unclean one cannot lodge within YOU, as a parent, to reside  within  your own past  grudges, traumas and hurts; use effective  metaphysical 'ointment' :

Go back into each painful room of your life  to briefly re-live and then undo the traumatic  memories of your own past's miseries,  to put a happier twist on events, to

unburden long-carried  weights of regret, rage and sadness.


 Release all of it into  visualized violet light, intoning  :" I release all pain and negativity like dark smoke hurting no one"."

 "Let it GO; let it go to God; let God." Medusa Head

 With  karmic weight on your own shoulders freed,  feeling lighter and elevated,  assist your child.

Children who hear voices and  who see ghosts are more  psychic,  than psychotic and those who suffer nightmares, and night terrors are under attack spiritually,  not emotionally disturbed.

 Children can even be unduly frightened by the known, until adults help them to understand the differences between the safety and the jeopardy of the known  and of the unknown,  to assert defenses, against the latter.

One must teach a child how to shut out some of these experiences by asserting his own will, by grounding exercises, visualizations, and applied metaphysics, all of which manifest instantly, on the astral plane.

Parents,  must never directly address, confront or curse, a persistent diabolical entity,

or religiously resolve  to, "take it on" , for

 when one 

pulls the tail of a tiger, rather than run, it angrily turns to face you, because

one cannot 'fight', something that one cannot 'see'.

One must employ passive measures, described in this article, instead of confrontationally active measures, for one's safety, from such astral tigers.

A fast quick fix?

If 'burning touches', like an insect's buzz, locally on his skin disturbs him,  a fast temporary tool, is to have him fold his arms and place his tongue firmly against the back of his top teeth.

Beyond logic, this "tightens" his energy shield more closely around him, instantly,  to temporarily relieve 'touches', the feelings of 'buzzing' or 'burning', on his skin, where connections are being made, awakening with bad dreams.

Teach a child to

 treat the symptom, with a strong-smelling menthol/camphor pain rub, placed on that local area.

Go about his normal business, and refuse to feel fear.

Within  inaction, one avoids feeding the Negative-Thought-Entity energy,  food energy from fear and angst, and to avoid a focus of attention.

Teach a child: Since your energy goes, where your attention goes, starve the unholy one, by  purposefully concentrating elsewhere, despite how difficult it is to do so.

Think of anything BUT the intrusion: coloring books, comic books, crossword puzzles, creative games, gardening, model building, activities can assist children under attack

Treat the symptom and ignore the disease:

Since fear and horror is food to demonics, if a book flies off a shelf, just in front of you,  announce,

"Well, these things happen!"

This is , "Intelligent Ignoring", a highly useful tool for disarming and discouraging  the sinister unseen who craves attention and attention's potent energy.

When dramatic Darkness descends, the best defense,  is no defense, emotionally and intellectually.

Never admit aloud, write down or admit to others on the phone, or Internet, that you're scared..

This defensive inaction, non- emotional, can soon persuade a hungry- for- energy demonic, to go elsewhere, for energy 'food'.

Alien_blinks.gif - (15K)

Use Epsom salts for a twice weekly mega-salt bath for the child, for such salts create a mild electrical current, most effective to dissolve connections from dark force entities to the child's energy field.

Leave as much salt on the skin, as possible after the bath, without showering, for, in addition, salt has magical ionic repellent qualities that dark force entities shun.

If your child is in a paranormal predicament, recalling alien abductions, or suffering nightmares , or has poltergeist activity exploding around him, here's a "quick fix" that works:

Get book matches, by the box, the flat books, many dozens, and light all twenty of the matches in a single book, every five to ten feet, as you walk through the house, until the reek of sulfur permeates each room.

Sulfur, the active ingredient of garlic, is a powerful repellent of demonic negative-thought-beings.

Raw garlic rubbed on the feet, (spirits make bee-lines for our feet) heart area, forehead and arms is a sure fire quick fix, even for some stronger entities.

For stubborn night-terrors and panic attacks

use tree-tea oil and camphor essential oil (diluted) rubbed on those same body areas to deter spirit- closeness.

  To cleanse an infested area, like an attic or sub-basement, flat book matches  release enough sulfur, to immediately cleanse an area of negativity.

This works and this helps.

Sage, in itself, does not work, for it is the VOLUME of smoke that works, and lavender burnt, works as well or better.

This is an effective way to instantly fumigate darkness , demons, aliens, Earthbound evil, and  death itself, away from one's immediate area.Medusa Head


Other passive defenses which  work to diminish a presence:

-an EMF grounding cloth placed under the child's bed sheet attached to an alligator clip, and plugged into an electrical outlet's ground, or attached to the house's plumbing to ground and remove  building EMF and static charges, for

entities use EMF and static charges to manifest,

-burning sticks of incense,

-a lesser exorcism banishment tape recording playing on a loop all night on the computer,

-an overhead circling ceiling fan,

- pyrite crystals nearby,

-night lights left on,

- sulfur fumes (from flat book kitchen matches) ,

-  affirmations and prayers- don't forget prayer , but for immediate assistance, pray in GRATITUDE, as though those rescue requests sought, were already delivered.

This works faster, because gratitude, allows help from Heaven's better angels, while counter-intuitively, trepidation and panic only signal Heaven, which responds to our emotional-spiritual energy, to send yet more wolves, to the door...

-holy water in a plant misting bottle sprayed on four walls.

-tiger balm salve (menthol and camphor rub) rubbed onto feet, forehead, heart area and arms.

-classical music left on low volume, continuously, for hours, in a troubled part of the house, changes and raises the vibrational level and attracts helpful spirits.

It is also  remarkably true,  and wrongly scorned , that  demons and foul Earthbound spirits cannot cross a running stream.

Medusa Head

 Running water creates a subtle yet powerful electrical current, that will de-manifest them.

A child beset with demons, can easily be freed, for a moment, if  a parent will surround his feet within a circle of running water inside a garden hose, which instantly breaks connections.


Stepping within a circle of a running garden hose,   breaks attachments,  unfortunately re-established, just as soon as one exits from that circle of garden hose.


Structurally and possibly engineered, would be an circle of running water through tubes or a hose surrounding one's bed, an ideal sanctuary , for safe sleep.

Setting a page or two of newspaper ablaze and stepping over it, also quickly acts to strongly de-manifest demonic  entities.

Medusa Head

Crossing over hidden, concrete-buried underground streams, sewers, water mains, below pavement conduits, in  the same fashion,  function as a major obstacles for demonics  manifestation and mobility.

A child,  under demonic attack, will, in the early morning hours, suffer a sudden high fever,  ear or abdominal pain , but will miraculously self remediate, enroute to the emergency room, because multiple water- mains were vehicle -traversed, enroute.

Parents who in panic rushed toddlers to emergency rooms,  confusedly find that once  enroute,  symptoms abate, so

as a diagnostic tool, (used by the spiritually savvy) parents can run a quick test by placing the child  inside within a constructed circle of a garden hose which is  running water,  to see if

 symptoms and pain at once cease.

Then, passive psychic self-defense measures, can instead be employed.

Medusa Head

Teach a child to practice this metaphysical- sure-fire defense:

_ visualize the whole house or the room suddenly ablaze in an electric purple fire where flames flare from the center of the room, to climb the walls, and  encompass the whole room to
  burn everything, including his body, which in ashes,  fall to the floor.

.At that moment, a dark entity, seeking to be " attached", stands alone,  astrally apart from the child's energies, and unprotected, and that wash of electric purple fire, will act as a cleansing, withering force against dark force entities.

Electric purple light repels Dark force Entities: demons, reptilians, small dark greys, negative earthbound human spirits- who seek to make astral connections to a child's energies.

Electric purple, the most protective light to surround oneself with, is a difficult light to sustain, as a visualization, because it will meet with much resistance, 'combated' psychically by the demonic;

white light feeds a meal,  an energy luncheon to dark force entities.

That's why they become sleepy and quiescent, only to return later, even stronger.

Even prayer,  like  white light, can make one  more of an energy luncheon, to demonics, under dark circumstances of an attack.Medusa Head.


Often, the more powerful and creative, a white light egg 'barrier' is visualized, the more it can attract a stronger negative-thought-entity, one which craves any challenge to an energy feast of a child.

A barrier of visualized electric purple light,  a frequency disruptive to dark force entities/energies, is also a difficult color vibrational visualization to mentally sustain.

Electric blue,  somewhat easier to visualize, also has many of the protective qualities of electric violet light, visualized around one.

 People are wrongly taught to use "white light", unaware of  inherent danger and of  field -tested psychic 'tools', herein, respectfully submitted.

 A child's night terrors and panic attacks are wrongly treated with medication, because

 no distinction is made in medical science, between psychological distress and spiritual distress.Medusa Head


Unlearn what you think you know about panic attacks and free-floating powerful anxiety attacks:

Powerful free-floating anxiety,  panic attacks, night terrors, are the soul's natural reaction to strong negative psychic intrusion, by  predatory dark beings' peeking within our energies.

Panic attacks must be treated just as one treats  the morning alarm clock;   one does not argue with the alarm clock, instead, one shuts it off.

Teach the child to treat the panic anxiety, as though it were a fly at the child's mustache: order it away, in the name of God, ( or Jesus, saints, Archangels: choose a heavenly being that you feel loving and trustworthy).

I use "God", as my protection, for we have His divine and eternal 'spark' within our energies and DNA.

Be forceful: "BEGONE, IN THE NAME OF GOD!", must be uttered, aloud, when panic attacks ensue.

This works immediately.Alien_blinks.gif - (15K)

But, only initially, and for a very short while, because  persistent, bullying entities will soon  try again to seek access within, and the feelings of anxiety, the onset of panic ,will begin again.

Again, forcefully order it away, in the name of God.

It will again abate at once,

to underline a truth, about what panic/ anxiety attacks actually are.

The more often it is ordered away, the less powerful the  anxiety attacks continue and remain.


Teach a child that what he wishes for , for instance, asking for angelic protection,  said aloud, manifests strongly and instantly, in the astral world.Medusa Head

Angelic realms can be enlisted to combat diabolical spiritual filth.

Reach up with your right hand and grab  a visualized ball of electric purple light.

As you touch yourself, in proscribed areas, with that hand, visualize purple light going into you:

Touch your forehead as you say "Atah."

Let it fill with the light.

Touch your pelvis at the pubic bone and say "Malkuth".

Let it fill with light.

Touch your right shoulder and say "Ve Geburah".

Let it fill with light.

Touch your left shoulder and say "Ve Gedulah".

Let it fill with light.

Hold your hands in prayer over your heart and say "Lee-ohlam".

Let it fill with purple light. 

Feel your whole body fill with the cross of electric purple light.

Say "Amen" .

This is an ancient facsimile of the sign of the cross.

These powerful banishment words are Hebrew and are the last part of the Lord's Prayer:

"Thine is the Kingdom the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen."

Jesus told his disciples to pray using these words.

The more the child practices, to manifest astral defenses, like wielding a sword of purple light, the more dangerous he will become to unwanted spirits.

But, never expect a purple sword to just show up, to be used only when a crisis surfaces; practice and practice, again, beforehand.

These weapons  show up in the attacker's astral world, and the use of such visualized metaphysics, is  indeed fighting fire, with fire.

Alien_blinks.gif - (15K)

Teach a child to internally visualize black lines of connections which travel from all over his body to unwanted entities and to visualize a flaming sword of purple light.

Then, teach him to say : "I see the power and feel the power of this electric purple sword: As a member of the Universe I deserve and claim this sword: I AM THIS SWORD!"

Then  have him visualize cutting all connections, in all directions: top, bottom, side to side, and front and back, to his visualized body.

Be sure to announce:

"All cutting is done instantly and interdimensionally"

Do this after every nightmare event, upon awakening..

 Fighting fire with metaphysical fire has unlimited potency,  to work towards spiritual emanicipation.


Teach a child:

the greatest warrior is the one who never has to pull his sword from his scabbard.



The problem in fighting Jinns, aliens, demons, is that they do not hold the same religious functioning concepts as we do which makes much religious defense moot and useless.

How do I go about differentiating them?

Reptilians come on like gang-busters, very sharply burning one's skin where attachments are made, while demonics drape and overhang one 'buzzing' touches on both arms, simultaneously, while they hang onto one's back, to ride one, like a horse.

Earthbound human spirits,  will generally touch only one arm.


Rather than a fear-based approach to Dark Force Entity safety and caution, I prescribe a required spiritual "shift"  towards the equally unseen goodness of the spirit world, and away from fear.

Unlearning fear is a step by step acceptance and assertion, of one's spiritual 'self', a distance far and away from fearful  defenses mustered by one's material physical self.


One's longitudinal approach to any self-defense must be a spiritual one, and not a physical one.

  For defenses to flare, one must  recognize that one is not a person having troubled spiritual problems, but instead an eternal soul having troubling human experiences.

From the stance of self-recognition as an eternal spirit, one can then insist on "one's own space'.
as spiritual fruition.

Avoid  church-based or organized religions  and put the Bible on the same shelf, as the Tooth Fairy for

God, is real, but  He has always been down a long hall, and somewhere else..



Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for Paul, a confirmed cynic, UNTIL Paul saw aliens float him out of his body, in his bed, at night.

Then, he knew that they were interested in an essence that he never suspected that he had: a nonphysical soul.

Our spiritual powers that interest and addict interdimensionals are the very powers that can be used to thwart further attacks.

They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with human beings, as a sanctuary, to avoid the death that they fear and to steal the spiritual recycling that we have.

Souls are garnered, detoured from our natural spiritual evolution in Heaven.

These joyriding grays can be sinister, discorporate alien souls, stuck to our energies, who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion. ​


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