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Review: My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow

August 20, 2015

My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow, Shari Vaudo, 2015 IBSN 978-1511471343

My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow is collection of short story memoirs in the life of the author. She tells of retiring to a rural setting with her husband and lifetime partner, whom she lovingly refers to as The Frontiersman. Their home is on a dirt road where they enjoy the benefits of country living and endure the lack of things that they took granted in the suburban life that they left behind.

From stories of a failed low budget mall, in the small town, to the facts about Passing Gas, which is a neighboring community, the reader is not likely to turn a page without experiencing a smile or an occasional deep belly laugh. Both subtle and obvious humor is woven in throughout the book.

There is also a serious side as the author touches a few memories outside of Hidey Hole Hollow. She tells of a brother who died at Normandy and some of her experiences with the paranormal.

Sixty-four short stories fill approximately two-hundred pages. This is the kind of book that you may not want to put down. If you do happen to put it down for too long of time, you won’t have to worry about remembering where you left off or the sequence of events up to that the point. There is a fresh story waiting to touch you or one already read that is well worth reading again.

This is a great book to keep close at hand, even after you read it through. Like old copies of favorite periodicals, My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow will continue to entertain you. The book is available in both paperback and digital format.

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