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When Family Abets the Heartbreak of Guardian Abuse—Part VII

In 2011 and 2012 I wrote a series of articles on elder and guardianship abuse. A friend of mine, Diane Wilson, was going through a terrible time trying to protect her mother from our judicial system. This is one of a series of articles.

By Jim Fargiano

November 21, 2011

My approach to this seventh article was forced into a different direction.  For those of you who may not know what I do, I received a rather unexpected “calling” to be able to communicate with the other side.  In the past eighteen years, I have found that it makes little difference when it comes to my personal thoughts about my life path.  While I have been helping people in innumerable ways during this time, either through communication with their loved ones, or by sharing the many motivational and inspirational words that come from a Higher Source, when I am sent on a varied excursion, I try to follow the call.  This is what has led me to the harsh, emotional world of law guardian abuse.  It poses a problem for me because I want to expect that all people are intrinsically good, yet I am finding that a select few are proving to the world that they obviously are not.

Recently, I met Diane at the home of her now deceased mother, Dorothy, to help her move out the treadmill Diane bought and gave her Mom to use when she was still healthy enough to do so.  A good friend of mine took the hour-plus ride to help me.  The courts approved Diane as temporary executrix of her loving mother’s estate.  Since both of Diane’s parents felt that out of their three children, she was the only one they could trust to give power of attorney, healthcare proxy and ultimately the executrix position, automatically one would have to assume that the eldest and youngest sibling did not warrant that respect.  While I have had to write the previous articles based on witness statements, court transcripts, e-mails and comments to my writings, much of the information had been given to me by Diane.  Until I started researching what she was telling me, I had to trust that everything she told me contained no falsehoods, regardless of how unbelievable some of what she shared was.  While I never had reason to doubt her, seeing things in written words only validated her truthful demeanor and approach.  It is remarkable to see that family members who are supposed to love their mother could team up with a seemingly corrupt judge, law guardian, healthcare manager and even Dorothy’s court appointed attorney to propagate, extend and expand the abuse.

What should have been a simple project and favor for Diane, turned into a wasted day of everyone’s time.  While my friend and I were in the basement trying to figure out the easiest way to hoist a very heavy piece of exercise equipment up a tight flight of stairs, Diane’s brother stormed into the house.  To ask for simple pleasantries was immediately out of the picture, as his attitude was as nasty and narrow-minded as some of the e-mails and comments he had sent me.  I said hello to him when he came downstairs, and he started asking what we were doing, even though he had already been told upstairs.  I have learned that the best way to see the true demeanor of a person is to let them speak.  Virtually every word that came out of his mouth was either antagonistic or a straight out lie.

My intention had been to keep Diane’s siblings out of any further articles, but after this incident they both earned their way back in.  Law guardian abuse cases are difficult enough.  Judges will seize on family dissension as an excuse to wrestle control away from the person who should be the rightful guardian.  When you have someone like the brother in this case, then it becomes even more difficult because they will align themselves with the corruption, rather than with what should be done in the best interests of the person put into guardianship. 

Upon her mother’s death, Diane applied for and received temporary executrix status.  She was given the power to handle the estate until an upcoming court hearing grants what should be an approval in an open and closed case.  Since Dorothy named Diane as her executrix, and considering that she has been wronged for close to three years by a corrupt system, she is hopeful that a different court, with a more sane judge, will enforce the will as her mother wanted it.

The incident I was referring to spiraled out of control.  Her brother stomped around the house spouting that Diane was not allowed to be there and that she had no right to be removing anything.  My first thought was that he was ignorant of the regulations imposed on the temporary certification.  However, as he kept talking, he invoked the name of Mary Giordano several times, stating that “Mary said…” and then would spout off about many of the falsehoods that led to the deceit, violations of Article 81, and illegalities pertaining to his own mother.  Cabinet and kitchen drawers were being opened and closed; then three pairs of sharp scissors were placed on the table in front of him.  Whether it was conscious or subconscious, the fact that he laid them out was meant to intimidate us.  Diane’s brother called their other sister, who he has been allied with, to come over.  He called the police. 

To put this in concise context, I sat and listened to lie after lie erupt out of each of their mouths.  It was directed at Diane and then to each of the police officers.  I think they both assume that saying something repeatedly will make it magically become truth.  Having been privy to numerous transcripts and e-mails, the truth was already known and it was not coming out from them.  Dorothy’s son tricked her into signing the title for her car over to him during one of his last visits to the nursing home to see her.  The title to the car is something he would have only been given by Mary Giordano, the abusive law guardian, and was done against the judge’s authorization. When Diane’s sister stormed into the house, she blurted out that some crystal pieces were missing before she even got across the living room.

While these charades were going on, Diane continued to be forthright and honest, although she was rightfully becoming more emotional.  I am amazed that she is keeping meticulous records of everything she has been doing to prepare her mother’s home for sale and worrying about making sure her two siblings causing the ruckus get their equal share of the pittance of money that might be left after everything is done.  Then again, I really am not because Diane has proven to be the only person speaking the truth in this entire case.

Perhaps what is most important here is not that Dorothy’s son did not know when she passed over, or that Diane is the executrix, as their mother wanted, but that family anger and arrogance is often the root cause for many of the guardian abuse problems.  It is a shame that those who only have good intentions are the ones who end up being abused by the systematic corruption.  It intensifies when family members whose sole intention is to further their own personal needs, and not the needs of whoever needs the help, align themselves with the people who are taking advantage of the situation.  This was made very obvious when the corrupted law guardian’s name was mentioned repeatedly, as though she was their savior and would validate the misinformation they spewed.

This is perhaps one of the most dangerous family situations that can cause more unwanted cases of law guardian abuse and neglect.  In this case, while each of Diane’s siblings would occasionally visit their mother in the nursing home, they would tell her to, “get use to it; you are never getting out of here” or “Diane put you here.”  Obviously, the first statement is not what a depressed and desperate elderly woman wants to hear from their child when all she wanted was to be released.  The second statement was designed to confuse Dorothy and try to turn her against the only child she had who was fighting for her to be free and happy.

What we are all left to ponder is how do we find judges who are principled enough not to fall for the absurdity of the weak-minded, selfish and untruthful members of the family?  Instead of doing what happened in the Dorothy Wilson case, where a Supreme Court judge was made to look like a buffoon by the law guardian and others because he allowed the illegal and immoral actions to take place, there should be an automatic right to challenge their rulings by a family court judge.  It would certainly make them think twice about preying on innocent, loving people.

My personal contact, limited as it was, certainly opened my eyes to the irascible behavior of two of the people I had only been hearing about, except for the aforementioned e-mails and article comments that slandered and defamed Diane.  I am proud that I have chosen to get the information from someone who deserves redemption and apologies from many people who have done their best to drag her through the mud.  She and Dorothy deserve better, and with consistent support from more and more people, I expect that they will.  The spiritual truth always rises to the top.

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