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The Heartbreaking Passing of Dorothy Wilson

In 2011 and 2012 I wrote a series of articles on elder and guardianship abuse. A friend of mine, Diane Wilson, was going through a terrible time trying to protect her mother from our judicial system. This is one of a series of articles

by Jim Fargiano

November 4, 2011

I wanted to write this next installment of the “Heartbreaking” series about two weeks or so ago. However, on October 23, 2011, the subject of these articles, Dorothy Wilson, passed into spirit very quickly and unexpectedly. The information I intended to share was filled with many of the misgivings and illegalities caused by the people who Diane—Dorothy’s loving daughter—was trying to overcome. Instead, I am bemoaning the fact that one of our fine elderly citizens died before seeing her desires be filled. In one of Dorothy’s many letters, written on September 18, 2011, and ignored by judges, lawyers, politicians and the media, she wrote:

To Whom It May Concern,

I want to go home more than anything else in the world. There is nothing wrong with me. Being home would make me the happiest person in the world. You never realize how precious your home is until you are not in it.

Please help me. I want to go home.

Dorothy Wilson

The despicable actions of the law guardian in this case are not forgotten. While Dorothy Wilson may not have lived her last couple of years stress-free and happy, the fact that she was unafraid to talk to me and others who wanted to help her will allow the spotlight to shine on other disreputable judges and guardians. Let there be no doubt that her passing will not go without an ongoing initiative to press forward in ending the rampant system of “legal” thievery. Let there be no doubt that there will be justice for Dorothy. No one should ever be allowed to have their civil and humanitarian rights taken away. No one should ever have to live their final years in grief, anger and humiliation.


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As time has passed, Jim has broadened his exposure to larger venues, giving more people the opportunity to be a part of his beautiful gift. He has been the host of many interactive events that have drawn people from many States and Canada. Although he is much more comfortable in a private setting he had to relent and step out of his comfort zone, simply allowing more and more people to hear and absorb the messages given to him from those on the other side. He has also appeared numerous times on radio and television shows aired around the world.

Jim continues to utilize many social media outlets in order to share his messages. He encourages everyone to spread his spiritual passages, allowing millions to feel the empowerment of the wisdom and non-denominational work that comes to him. 

A few years ago he decided to launch a website,, which has given all people the opportunity to browse through a plethora of new age, spiritual and nutrition related merchandise. As more and more requests come in for different healing products, Jim expects that this leg of the website will be a major addition to the healing work he already does.

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