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It's Not How Much You Pay for Your Toys it's How Much You Can Get for Them After You're Done Playing

September 14, 2013

I've been looking at buying a new table to replace my aging iPad first generation table.  I've been told many times that it's silly to buy another iPad when there are Android tablets available for so much less money.

Yesterday Microsoft announced an iPad trade-in program for people who want to buy their new Surface tablet.  Unfortunately my 1st gen iPad doesn't qualify, so I that option isn't available to me.  What this made me do, however, is look at the resale value of my iPad so I could consider selling it to help pay for my new tablet.

What I discovered is something I find very interesting.  My original iPad, bought 41 months ago for $499, is selliing on ebay for an average price of $174.  The Google Nexus 7, arguably the best Android tablet available, started selling 14 months ago for $249, and it's now selling for an average of $60 on ebay. At these rates, the iPad cost $7.92 per month to own, while the Nexus 7 cost $13.50 per month, making the Nexus 7 70% more expensive than the iPad.  (These prices are for the low-end models, 16 gb ipad and 8gb Nexus 7)

Both devices had price drops after they initial went on sale, to $399 for the iPad, and $199 for the Nexus 7.  I can't find the dates for the price drops, but all else being equal, these prices would make the total cost of ownership $5.48 per month for the iPad, and $9.92 for the Nexus 7, with the Nexus 7 being 81% more expensive than the iPad.

I've once heard that it's not how much you pay for your toys, it's how much you can get for them after you're done playing with them.  I think I will stick with the iPad.

Now if I could only convince Jean...

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Bruce Horst resides in Houston, Texas with his wife of 30+ years and his youngest son Nick.

His passion is making peoples' lives better through technology, as he works by day as a senior programmer and by night building his Internet of Things.

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