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Hip-Wader Fashion Prediction for 2040

We're gonna die! Or become aquatic. It's a bit of a toss-up.

Many, many years ago there was a great flood. Whatever religious book you happen to follow, or not, that seems to be a common thread. Not to mention the fact that evidence was found by scientists that seems to verify this whole flood thing. Obviously it's not verification of Noah and his 'two-by-two' ark of animals - something I don't consider to be even remotely plausible, but to each his or her own. We won't even get into the question of incest that's raised by the notion of repopulating the planet. Sure, he brought his kids and their wives along, but best-case-scenario is that first cousins became life partners and breeders.

Now, of course, there's a whole new threat of flooding. The creationist crowd, religious extremists, and those who make money from the fossil fuel industry, including politicians, are what we call climate deniers. They deny even the remote possibility that anything is going wrong with the world. Well, why don't we take a look at the last thirty years then? There is a time-lapse video from Time and powered by Google, available here:

Still think things are okay? How about the thousands of scientific studies that tell us global warming is a real thing, compared with only a few that disagree? I've been doing my research on this, and there's a guy who appears to make his living in environmental policy. His name is James Taylor (no connection to the singer and songwriter that I can see) and I'm amazed at how he portrays himself as some big-time expert, yet his own articles contradict one another. In one piece on Forbes he talks about how Global warming isn't really happening, according to the latest scientific studies, and then in another he says that Global warming is helping us grow more food. Wow! Could he be any more ridiculous? Probably not. Yet, for some reason, he's used by Fox, CNN, CBS, and MSNBC, as an expert on their news broadcasts. Whatever his educational background, which is probably quite extensive, it sounds to me like he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, or he's been bought. I vote for the latter.

The world is a strange place. Of course, it's the only place we know, and the only place we're currently capable of being. We can't get to the other potentially inhabitable planets, so we're stuck with this strange place we spin around on for now. By the way we're behaving, though, one would think we have alternatives. The powers that be seem to care nothing for the destruction of our home world. Many simply shrug and say, "What can I do? I (ta-da) recycle." Those are what we'll call 'enablers' for lack of a better term. They do their own bit of damage and presume that all balances out for them when they stick their unnecessary empty water bottles in their blue box. Basically just happily clueless and ignorant.

Then there are the fighters that seem to have a grasp on the dangerous situation our planet is currently confronting. Admirable, certainly, but quite often clueless as well. They drive hybrids, they picket the various government agencies, they lobby for changes in legislation. And they have zero impact. Legislation gets changed occasionally, but then loopholes emerge that allow for environmentally horrendous practices such as fracking, oil pipelines, and the continued harvesting of fossil fuels that are consumed in ways that cause further damage. Despite their best efforts, things have gotten even worse.

Finally there are the soulless ones, such as the so-called expert I mentioned earlier. As much as it would be easy to shake a fist at the sky and blame those nasty corporations, companies are not people. They're just run by them. The people who run them and own majority stock in them are the big problems there. They buy the policy-makers - many of whom seem to run for politics simply because it's a great way to make loads of cash from people who want to buy off your vote. It's unusual to find a politician that isn't on the take, and their 'take' is usually legal, too!

The things is, the people that are arguing the most fervently that we're not experiencing global warming, (which they've renamed with the euphemism 'climate change' in a PR campaign to minimize the scary impact on the citizenry,) are the very people who are causing the problem. According to this article on, we've already locked into more than a 4-foot rise in sea level. Basically this means that, even if we stop all carbon pollution at this very instant, our sea level will still rise 4 feet, no matter what we do from here on out. We have created so many carbon emissions that there is now nothing we can do to stop this. All we can do is attempt to prevent additional damage by reducing our carbon emissions from this point forward.

In addition to the hucksters trying to sell us a bill of goods, we've got the religious zealots with their heads in the sand (or up in another dark and scary place), saying, "God would never let it happen to us." Um, wut? First, if you read your little book there, apparently God was the first one to do it to us. Second, while he did apparently promise Noah he would never do it again (if you're willing to take the bible for truth), there wasn't anything at all said about rescuing us from our own stupidity. It's called free will, and the expression, "God helps those who help themselves," comes readily to mind.

We can complain about big government all we want to, but the government isn't even run by the government anymore. It's run by corporations that have a vested interest in keeping people's attention directed elsewhere. Those corporations are owned by a very small number of families in this world, and they really don't care about what happens to anyone else on this planet. Pretty soon there won't be any sand left for people to keep their heads buried in. So, when we're eventually in over our heads in sea water, if you absolutely must continue to pray for assistance, make sure you keep your arms in the water - you'll stay afloat more easily and will be far less likely to drown. I'm guessing that will be the time the religious extremists will start believing in evolution just on the off chance that they might develop a set of gills.

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