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New Age Psychic Medium Sylvia Browne and Reptilian Aliens

May 24, 2013
alien / demonic attachment

by Paul Schroeder

 I am naturally cynical about ANY new age psychic these days and for a solid, good reason.

Fifteen years ago, on a Thursday night, at bedtime, I was meditating on angels and protective prayers, right before sleep. I had experienced troubling sightings of UFOs and even more troubled sleep, concurrent with spinal disc issues, and I wanted and needed professional respite and assistance.

I had tried a creative self healing metaphysical technique learned from someone I admired, Sylvia Browne, at that time a famous psychic, who had advised this technique of healing, to me, over the phone.

After many abductions I suddenly suffered from enigmatic, degenerative spinal disease of my neck's seven discs which had pinched the spinal cord requiring eight hours of emergency surgery.

After a short while suffering crippling pain down both legs, I also soon learned from  additional extensive MRIs, that all of the rest of my discs, throughout the mid and lower spine were also bulging and herniated.

I was in a fog of pain that surpassed even life, itself.

Chronic back pain would be alleviated, psychic Sylvia Brown assured me, if only I followed her directions for creating a "Healing Room", where healing spirits would enter, a comfortable ornate room within one's psyche, into which a spiritual healer would enter to heal you.

For a stiff fee, she had counseled me, over the phone.

She had me carefully create a mental construct of such a "room" with a healing table in the center, which was surrounded by comforts, technology, decor and objects that I might ever crave.

I was assured by her that healing would be easier if I asked for healing for only one part of my body and she told me "not be afraid of the healer when I was approached, as the healer would be from God."

I was instructed that the time and effort I put into creating it, even into the ornate wood design of the handles on the central table, would pay off.

The idea was that if I took time, in fine detail, to build it, a healer will come.

There were other metaphysical preparations involving washing and imbuing myself with different colors of light.

It was, she said, involved healing metaphysics.

Sadly, results were instant, nightmarish and horrid. After such an enforced visualization, I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke, out-of-body, not in sleep to find  myself floating amongst small medical grey aliens, dressed in white lab coats, aboard a craft, in a small, round, white, medical room.

In the center of a circular room was a five foot tall grey alien, in doctor whites and a grey attending nurse, also in whites,  deeply absorbed in reading a chart on a clipboard.

At first, they were unaware of my presence but

then he turned and without my saying a word he growled, "Oh, so you want your back healed, now do you?!"

He growled in rage and in a flash was on top of me, traversing the room in quick jumps like a jumping spider.

I relaxed expecting healing but as he lay on top of me he squeezed my spine, very hard hurting me.

I awoke quickly in bed, in my physical body, in sudden and severe pain, and the voice I noticed ,hollering, was my own.

 Hobbled , now with all of my spinal discs save one herniated,

 I  remain unable to move without medication's assistance, since that moment.

Did Sylvia have the faintest, remotest clue?

Psychics whom are gifted are tapped into that greater "reality" that generally eludes all of us and as such they are usually far from distorted "mirrors" but act instead as floodlights on flatcars, that pierce the darkness.

Monsters exist behind some psychic's curtains, unknown to Sylvia and to many others, who"New Age" inclined, flirt unknowingly with 'guides' nonhuman, alien beasts of evil and madness, lurking behind many psychic's curtains.

Grey reptilian aliens, monsters behind psychics' curtains, masquerade as spirit guides, and just as often, as poltergeists and  sinister ghosts.

It disguises its intentions and its identity, growing stronger,  diabolical and brilliant.


These creatures, both intergalactic and inter-dimensional  will often masquerade as spirits, since their presence is always 'cloaked'.

One also soon becomes open to the gangster fringe element of the spirit world , because. after abductions, the inter-dimensional door, left open, invites in such darkness.


Drug use of PCP, cocaine, tobacco and pot, is telepathically encouraged by dark side beings' whispers, because use opens wide holes into torn windows of one's natural shielding .


Addiction and self-destructive behaviors are strongly imposed  by such demonic negative-thought -beings, because

darkness seeks to extinguish lights in those who can become stronger lights.

Knowledge is power, but
those who 'battle'  such demonic entities are misinformed about the hazards :

Never verbally confront any powerful, creepy, stubborn alien or demonic entitity, directly , in speech, or in thought.

This seems counter-intuitive, but it
 starves the entity of energy since your energy goes where your attention goes.

Actively, instead think of gardening,  books,  sex, comedy routines, flowers, but avoid all thoughts concerning the intrusive energy/ being , even though
It redoubles its efforts to get your attention, to scare you or to make you angry to hate it, because all  negative emotions feed the entity an ethereal feast.

If a book flies across a room,  say:
"Well, these things happen!" .

This is ,' intelligent ignoring', a technique to disarm and starve  hungry-for-your- energy, discorporate creatures, within a full spectrum of phantoms, from demons to shadow people, from ghosts to non-human reptilians and small dark grey aliens types, all of who prey on humans.


An abductee or one beset with a stubborn dark energy, sadly adjusts one's world view to realize that one is, after all, a sheep to wolves.



one must use every moment, within their dark energies, to lecture and cajole them about their impunity, their rejection of goodness, charity, sacrifice, love, faith and kindness.

Five-story-high piles of  doomed, dead and gassed Jews, found in every European concentration death camp, taught that there never really was, safety, in numbers..

Abductees  are all alone, all together, and  Earth is and has always been, under invasion, one person at a time.

Accepting that one is prey, strengthens one's resolve, NOT to be, because

sheep who can grasp wolves' motives and tactics, can sidestep such predators, rather than sheep whose minds' cannot, or will not imagine, a wolf.

 At first panicked and flabbergasted, by  nightly abduction- realizations,

my initial resistance "tools" against abductions, back-fired.

For, when one grabs the tail of the tiger , the tiger does not run, but angrily turns, to  face you.

Rule number one: Don't pull the tiger's tail..

Aliens and demons can foresee the future, but only in a very limited way.

 Like rooftop gargoyles, they can indeed see down our future 'road' a distance, but they are far from the hoped- for elevated spiritual beings, who 'stage' behind psychics' 'gifts' curtains.

Such sinister alien beings, diabolically brilliant in deception, can be lethal, mean-spirited and vengeful, when elicted or even when stumbled upon.

These beings  as well stand behind the curtains of our dimension's destiny and our spiritual energies, and  the truth, is down a long hall and somewhere else.


"All truth passes through three (3) stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." – Arthur Schopenhauer ”



Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for Paul, a confirmed atheist, UNTIL Paul saw aliens float him out of his body, in his bed, at night. 

Then, he knew that they were interested in an essence that he never suspected that he had, a nonphysical soul. 

Our spiritual powers that interest and addict interdimensionals are the very powers that can be used to thwart further attacks. 

They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with human beings, as a sanctuary, to avoid the death that they fear and to steal the spiritual recycling that we have. 

Souls are garnered, detoured from our natural spiritual evolution in Heaven. 

These joyriding grays can be sinister, discorporate alien souls, stuck to our energies, who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion. 


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