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The Brain Has A Mind All It’s Own

June 10, 2016

The will to do anything in life is governed by the brain to a certain extent. A very large extent. The will to live has to be the strongest bond to our body. We may be in failing health, our organs may be shutting down, we may have terminal illnesses, but until we accept what is happening, our will to live may keep us hanging on. We gravitate to the idea that we can live with these conditions, or be cured of them.

This isn’t always the case and our mind continues to play tricks with our body.  We do the normal routine of eating at meal times and bathing and talking, but our body is trying to send signals that our time has come to give in. A new frontier awaits us on the other side, or so we hope and have Faith it does. It’s very discouraging to have a loved one in the position of hanging on with their willpower, or letting go and ending the inevitable.

We are heart broken and sad that such a situation is occurring, but we who believe in God, learn to leave it in His hands and simply pray that our loved one isn’t suffering. When a terminal illness is present, it’s always good to have Hope that we can and will overcome and get better. However, there are terminal illnesses that will only get worse and there comes a time to accept that. There doesn’t seem to be much else we can do.

When the quality of life is taken from us, a hospital bed doesn’t take the place of our own comfortable surroundings, leading to more depression and resignation. We may try to be cheerful when we talk with those in this predicament, but if our loved one is on powerful pain medication, they really aren’t fully aware of who they talk to, or what is going on.  Our prayers then, must be that they are comfortable, and won’t linger too long.

This is against what we really want, which is them to get better, but death is a part of life and everyone involved must prepare themselves for a loved one’s final breath.  Some amount of grieving has already happened, but the process is more final once our loved ones let go, and we can grieve due to their departure. We then must be content praying to them and talking to them with our own minds and beliefs. Sorry may be sympathetic and touching, but in actuality, it doesn’t do much good.

It is so important to let our loved ones know how much we love them, and give them an opportunity to say how much they love us. This should be done when there is no sickness. However, it is very important to reiterate when you feel someone is passing over to the other side. What other side, we don’t know for sure, but those of us who have Faith, know it will be better than here on Earth.

Shock  may hit us at first, but in time, we can learn not only to accept, but to honor that person in our prayers. It can’t be avoided, death comes to us all, but it can be handled with compassion, grace, and a never ending love.

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Susan Thom is the mother of three children, two sons, and a daughter. They are adults now, and out of the house on their own.

Writing calms her, and gives her a place to go by herself! Clears the head and gets it out. She lives in a rural area, with a lake and mountains, and her partner, and has loved writing since she was a child.

She has been on a journey of self discovery for over thirty years, and has learned many things about the human mind, and how to maintain some resemblance of calm and peace within.

If someone reads one of her stories, and relates to her feelings, and gets a suggestion on how she dealt with them in a positive way, that would be the ultimate gift of her writing.

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