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Who’s Worse--Journalists or Politicians?

I watched most of the 2016 presidential primary debates thus far and noticed that the majority of the questioners, the men and women moderating the debates, were either firmly entrenched in their opinions and were trying to get their opinions to “win” or were shooting gotcha questions at the politicians to make news themselves or to shine as ground breaking shake em up journalists.

A CNBC republican primary debate was the worst debate I’ve ever seen. There was so much bigotry shown by the moderators that it was impossible to believe that there was any journalistic integrity going on. The moderators should be demoted or fired or more importantly, someone in management should make sure such lack of journalistic integrity never occurs again.

In one debate, Megyn Kelly of FOX News fame was maligned by the controversial Donald Trump for starting a debate off with a gotcha question. The question was uncalled for at a start of a debate especially the way it was worded and the attitude she conveyed it in. Trump didn’t take kindly to the question and went to war with her.

Speaking of Kelly, when she did another Republican debate she started off with another gotcha in your face question to another politician. She seemed full of herself and seemed to do the same thing she did to Trump in the earlier debate. It seemed that the many ass kissers who want to keep their jobs and stay in her favor kept telling her that she’s something special as a journalist and to keep her “tough” attitude won out and she kept the previous Trump type questions going. Some of the others on that same panel had similar gotcha questions.

Who’s in charge of these debate moderating journalists? Whether CNBC, CNN or Fox? Where has integrity, pride and professionalism gone?

Granted, the majority of the politicians on the debates were cons and smoozers but it has gotten to the point that it’s hard to figure out which group is slimier—politicians or journalists. It’s a toss-up. And that is a shame.

 What will bring out integrity and professionalism again?

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